Don Draper Has Been Ruined For The Governor

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Don Draper Has Been Ruined For The Governor David Morrissey has been making the rounds in the wake of this week’s Governor-centric episode of “The Walking Dead.” During a chat with Conan O’Brien he opened up about the show’s shooting challenges, and what he thinks of AMC’s “Mad Men” as a result.

It’s unsurprising to hear, again, that “The Walking Dead” is produced under sweltering conditions in Atlanta, but I like hearing how a gig on this show changes the perspective of the actors, especially to how they view other AMC shows.

Morrissey tells Conan:

“This show has ruined ‘Mad Men’ for me. I used to love watching ‘Mad Men.’ But now I watch it and I think: ‘There you are in your air-conditioned studios and your nice suit, drinking — how can you pick your check up at the end of the week?’”

He also praises the show’s unpredictable nature, suggesting that it’s what separates “The Walking Dead” from other ensemble dramas.

“I like the fact that it’s a show that kills off its actors. It’s not like a ‘Star Trek’ show where you’ve got four guys beaming down and there’s guy you’ve never seen before and you think, ‘He’s not making it back to the Enterprise.’”

It’s funny because that’s exactly how this season has been. From Rick’s walk in the woods with the crazy lady, the ill-fated house squatters and, of course, the whole slew of anonymous prison fodder.

But I get what he’s saying.

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