The Chainsaw Sally Show Revs Up for Season 2 on January 31st

The Chainsaw Sally Show Revs Up for Season 2 on January 31stShe's baaaack. Fans of the psychotic, sexy siren with a saw will be thrilled to know that April Monique Burril and friends are ready to launch The Chainsaw Sally Show Season 2. Sally and all her friends are back, with more blood-letting, boobs and brutality than ever before. Believe the tagline... "Twice the Blood, Half the Clothes".

Series creator/writer/director JimmyO Burril says viewers will see a Sally they recognize, but perhaps a bit evolved. "While still a sitcom, this season is a little darker, a little grittier, with no rules except our own to guide us," JimmyO said. This can certainly be seen immediately in the first episode of Season 2 as Sally gets frisky with a plaything in a scene that evolves into a realistic bloodbath with a 70's-esque feel. "There are some new developments this season and a handful of unexpected twists and turns," added JimmyO. The biggest addition is certainly the arrival of Angel Eyes, a new killer on Sally's turf. "This season Sally comes up against a rival serial killer wanting to take credit for her greatest hits in order to make his way into the American annals of crime," JimmyO said.

April Monique Burril is (as usual) brilliant in her role as Chainsaw Sally. She seems to effortlessly flip the switch between hilarious comedic delivery and an all-out psychotic episode. She's great. And, not to mention, very easy on the eyes. "This season The Chainsaw Sally Show promises everything fans fell in love with last season... but more! More horror, more laughs, more story, more action, more sex, more violence and, of course, more gore!" April Burril said. "Nicolette leFaye returns in her role as Sally's adorably sexy and totally spankable house pet, Busy Bee," said April, "and the amazing enchantress Debbie Rochon is back in the role of psychic prostitute, Blondie (aka Madam Dolores to her customers), providing comfort and advice to her good friend, Sally. (And did I mention 'comfort'? ... lots of comfort). Yes, that's right, Debbie Rochon and April Monique Burril together again. Wow.

Dread Central got a sneak preview of Episode 1 of Season 2 of The Chainsaw Sally Show (there's a nice look at the first scene for you below as well from an early teaser), and we can verify all they say is true. It's got a fun story, lots of blood, humor and sexuality.

Season 2 launches on January 31 only at chainsawsallyshow.com with new episodes every Tuesday.

The first show features the abovementioned stars as well as Azman Toy, JimmyO Burril, Sam Wiitala, Jordan Wyandt and a special appearance by Monique Dupree and Anthony Saint Thomas. The initial episode is F-R-E-E, and each subsequent one is just $.99. It's the best pocket change you can spend. Believe me. Just look at those stills in our gallery below the teaser!

Do yourself a favor and check out The Chainsaw Sally Show and then follow Chainsaw Sally herself on Twitter straight from Porterville, Maryland. She's on Facebook as well. Don't miss out - It's the season of the bitch!

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