Producers Still Considering Found Footage Route for New Friday the 13th

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Producers Still Considering Found Footage Route for New Friday the 13thRumors of the next entry in the Friday the 13th franchise being a found footage film have been swirling about for a while now, and just like Jason himself, they refuse to die. That being said…

STYD’s Ryan Turek posted via Twitter this morning that he heard the producers of the new film are still heavily considering taking the flick the first-person route. Honestly, we weren’t even going to bother writing this up as a news story as it’s still all rumor, and one that’s been around for quite some time at that, but since you cats keep emailing us about it to find out if it’s true…

The fact of the matter is that there’s really nothing to tell you at this time. Producers are hearing pitches. Some of those pitches are of the found footage variety. Which way they go is still up in the air.

What do YOU think about the found Friday idea? Sound off in our comments section below. We can pretty much guarantee the powers-that-be WILL see it.

At the end of the day, we still don’t like the last Friday the 13th. If the sequels makers can bring back the missing elements from the last flick (likable characters, inventive kills, no captives), then they’ll be on to something and we’ll be happy. Oh, and bring back Derek Mears, damn it.

Friday the 13th Sequel

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  • Shambling_in_Bandages

    Fuck that whole “Jason in the snow” idea. Unless it’s Jason in the snow in the 25th century.

  • frank_dracman

    I don’t care. Fuck it. They can do a found footage Jason movie set in the Hamptons with Paris Hilton in the lead. There will never be a good 13th movie again so why give a shit what they do? Yes I’ve given up.

  • Rottenjesus

    Nobody wants to see an insipid sequel to a completely useless remake. Here’s an idea:


    Temporarily imprisoned in Hell, Freddy comes across a massive figure bound in chains. The only feature of this figure that shows through these chains is a blackened hockey mask. Curious, Freddy frees him and it turns out be none other than JASON VORHEES circa JASON GOES TO HELL (Hodder!). Since Hell exists in all possible worlds this would be make for an easy explanation.

    An epic fight ensues and neither immortal monster is backing down so Freddy, in a desperate move, finds a portal back to Earth and escapes into the dreams of the children of Springwood once again. The new/old Jason follows and emerges from the ground in the Springwood Cemetery in a scene that echoes his resurrection in JASON LIVES.

    Meanwhile the new Jason is still in Crystal Lake, stalking unwary campers and scantily clad teenage girls when he senses his old nemesis has returned. He then also makes his way to Springwood, leaving a trail of bodies behind him.

    As it happens that Tommy Jarvis, now a well respected horror author, has moved to Springwood to teach English Lit at Springwood College. One of his brightest (and most attractive) students is a quiet girl by the name of Julie Shepard…

    I’m just coming up with this on the fly and it’s already going to be better than whatever they come up with.

  • Tshoffie

    Heres an idea why not just quit making stupid friday the 13th films…the horse has been beaten to death and then some…come up with something fresh…there hasnt been a good friday the 13th film since part 4 end of story

  • Fearless_Froude

    Why don’t they put him in the snow. or at least for an opening scene. You get Kane Hodder back to play Jason Vorhees in a pre-title card scene in the winter at Chrystal Lake get some creative kills, then jump to Jason today who should be played by Derek Mears and have the classic formula in place.

  • Matt Serafini

    This is a terrible idea.

    One of the unsung characters of the earliest films was the beautiful cinematography that sets the stage for the killing. That can’t be done with murky motion-happy cameras.

    The old Fridays are great because they have that ‘one-by-one’ formula that MOST new slashers don’t have the confidence to emulate. Things always devolve into a group of people running around together and that’s just not tense or scary.

    Give us a classic FRIDAY movie done right. Likable characters, inventive kills and thick, pervasive atmosphere.

    I’ll never understand how people don’t realize that one of the keys to a good slasher is enjoyable characters. That’s at least part of the reason why The Final Chapter and Jason Lives are widely considered the best films in the series.

    • Brad McHargue

      I’m working on an editorial now on why I think you’re 100% wrong 🙂

    • LSD Zombie

      Thank you! That’s why I absolutely cannot stand the Laid to Rest movies. Characters that are relatable and likable are absolutely essential to making a great slasher flick.

      • Sirand

        “Characters that are relatable and likable are absolutely essential to making a great slasher flick.”

        Guess that rules out the Friday the 13th movies then…

        • LSD Zombie

          Not really, Tommy and Trish are both very likable characters. So are many other final girls in the series. Yeah, they don’t exactly have rich backstories, but that’s not necessarily required in order to make a character sympathetic and likable.

          The Laid to Rest movies have the worst heroines I’ve ever seen in a horror series.

          • MonsterMash

            You obviously haven’t seen Hatchet 3. Don’t get me wrong, I like Hatchet 3 a lot, but there’s no reason to care about whats going on. And while you may feel that way about the Laid to Rest films, they have original ideas. A tech savvy slasher. They hit the ground running from the start. They have an atmospheric and surreal punk-rock vibe. I love Hatchet but I’m glad they’re done.

          • Sirand

            The Final Chapter is the only installment with decent characters. The rest are cardboard cut-outs.

        • Tshoffie

          i thought the charactors were pretty likeable in the first four friday films after that it went down hill

    • MonsterMash

      I don’t think they should all be likable. It’s always nice to see a character get whats coming to them but yes, there is a balance. There should be interesting and likable characters for a Friday.

      • Matt Serafini

        Yes, maybe. But I’m weary of the approach the remake took — where it turned the entire cast in either sociopaths and/or cartoonish baffoons.

        It turns Jason into a hero.

        But in TFC, you had a douchebag character cheat on his girlfriend without turning into an over-the-top, mustache-twirling asshole. And when that kid takes a speargun to the balls, it’s still brutal and unsettling, but it’s also satisfying.

        It’s a hard line to walk, and the remake did it wrong.