Afflicted and The Sacrament Spawn Total Madness at Toronto International Film Festival!

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Afflicted and The Sacrament Spawn Total Madness at Toronto International Film Festival!All hell broke loose last night at the Toronto International Film Festival, leading to a man nearly passing out and a call even being placed to 911. Madness, I tell you! Read on for all the gory details.

As per The Hollywood Reporter, an audience member hyperventilated during a screening of the found footage vampire film Afflicted on Monday night, barely managing to pull himself together. We’ve seen this kind of thing happen at film festival screenings before, and when it comes to horror movies, there’s quite frankly no better press than an incident such as this. Sorry to say it, dude!

Reports indicate that the majority of the audience was thrilled and chilled by the flick, which comes courtesy of first-time Canadian filmmakers Derek Lee and Clif Prowse. The footage follows around two friends traveling through Europe and heads into horror territory when one of them gets sicker and sicker after a bite.

The low budget film will be released domestically by CBS Films, and we cannot wait to see what led to that dude losing his shit!

In what will go down as one of the more humorous and bizarre incidents in the history of the film festival, Buzzfeed reports that the owner of the movie blog First Showing got so fed up with an audience member who was using his cell phone during a press screening of Ti West’s The Sacrament that he took matters into his own hands… and placed a call to 911.

While there’s certainly nothing more annoying than people typing away on their cell phones during a movie, Alex Billington no doubt went a little overboard in his vigilante approach to putting an end to it. He says he issued several complaints to the theater managers, ultimately deciding to place an emergency call because he felt the man was using his phone to pirate the movie.

One of the venue managers reportedly intercepted the call and told police the man was only texting and that he had the right to do so.

We’re as fed up about cell phone use in the theater as you are, Alex, but bothering the police and taking their focus away from real emergencies is certainly no way to deal with the situation!

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