The Mutilation Man Returns…on VHS! Now That’s Old School!

Here is your chance to be the first person on your block (and probably in the whole damn neighborhood) to hold a brand new VHS tape over your head and proclaim, “Bow down to The Mutilation Man!” Of course you should be forewarned that performing this kind of unorthodox act could have negative repercussions, but thanks to the good people at Coppfilms, you can do it.

However, you’d best move your ass if you’re serious about getting your paws on a copy of The Mutilation Man. There are only 100 tapes being made, and when they’re gone, you’re out of luck. Did we mention each piece is hand-signed by the director? Hmmm?

So this is it, your big chance to own a signed VHS copy of this rare piece of filmmaking. (Did we mention the VHS tape is red, too? Nice.) Scoot over to the Coppfilms website and grab one. Seriously, there are only 100; if you want one, move! Why are you still reading this?

From the Press Release
Coppfilms is proud to release a very limited edition of Andrew Copp’s The Mutilation Man in a collector's VHS package. Only 100 pieces are being manufactured, each one hand numbered and signed by the director.

This new edition features a previously unseen longer edit of the film that includes 10 minutes of footage with slightly better visual quality than the older out of print DVD editions. The Collector's Edition VHS tape comes in a red clamshell case on an actual blood red VHS tape. The cover art comes in two different designs created by renowned underground filmmaker Andrew Shearer, each sold separately, with only 50 pieces available of each design for a total of 100 pieces. Extras on the tape include a previously unseen short film, trailers for other Andrew Copp films and a fun negative YouTube review for the film.

Andrew Copp’s The Mutilation Man came out in 1998 during the tail end of what can be considered the last wave of the 90's underground film movement. The film starred Terek Puckett (from My Sweet Satan) as a wandering performance artist in a burned out wasteland who does shows of self-mutilation to relive his miserable past of horrible child abuse. In flashbacks we see this abuse meted out by his drunken and psychotic father in a terrifying performance by underground filmmaker Jim VanBebber. The film approaches the subject matter in an obsessive, surreal manner that is comparable to the films of panic movement favorites like Alejandro Jodorowsky and Fernando Arrabal melded to the Italian gut slingers of the 80's.

"Andrew Copp's The Mutilation Man drags you, naked, over broken glass...The Mutilation Man is as hard to watch as it is impossible to look away." Yet, that same year on IMDB the film made the bottom ten worst films of the year with many casual viewers finding the film difficult, disturbing and just too much for them to stomach.

Due to the film being edited analogue and shot on a variety of film formats that were transferred to video for offline editing, the movie will probably never see a re-mastered HD presentation. This collector's edition may represent the last time the movie will be available to the public. So get them while they are still available; these tapes are already selling fast!

Price: $23 post paid in the United States. Overseas please add $5 more to cover extra shipping.

The Mutilation Man Returns…on VHS! Now That’s Old School!

The Mutilation Man Returns…on VHS! Now That’s Old School!

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