Watch Phillip Middleton’s Short Film The Ghost; Exclusive First Word on The Disappearing

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Earlier this week we caught up with Australian filmmaker Phillip Middleton to discuss his short film The Ghost as well as chat about his planned supernatural feature The Disappearing. Read on for that flick’s teaser art, synopsis, and more!

Written and directed by Middleton, The Ghost short was filmed over the course of one day in his hometown of Sydney, Australia, on the 5D camera with cinematography courtesy of Damian Wyvill. Produced by Kylie Connell, the flick stars Rachael Coopes, Max Cullen, Bel Delia and Valentino del Toro.

“My inspiration for The Ghost came from a dream I had, where the person in the dream – it was me, but not me, if that makes sense – saw [himself] as dead,” explained Middleton. “From that, I just thought it would be freaking scary if someone trapped in a house kept seeing themselves as dead, thinking the ghost that had them trapped was trying to convince them to kill themselves. And, seeing as some ghosts don’t know they’re dead, I thought it would be a good twist if we turned that back on the audience!”

The Ghost from Phillip Middleton on Vimeo.

Not wavering in his interest in the supernatural, following completion of The Ghost, Middleton went on to pen the feature script for The Disappearing, which he intends to direct.

“It’s a supernatural thriller that refreshes the good old-fashioned ghost story,” explained Middleton, who acknowledged the influence of such films as The Exorcist, Rosemary’s Baby and The Shining on The Disappearing.

“The film is an original take on possession, with the victim being taken over slowly and gradually, instead of the usual mechanism where the ghost takes over their body in an instantaneous but more temporary manner,” he continued. “Unfortunately, I can’t give too much more away without spoiling the twist! At the end of the day, I’d like to find the right partners who can see the potential in the project and help us to achieve the basic function this film is designed to do, which is simply to scare as many people as possible.”

With an intriguing premise (see both the logline and synopsis below), and given The Conjuring‘s recent shot in the box office arm, we predict it won’t be long before Middleton’s Los Angeles pitch meetings result in a finished film. For more info visit the official The Disappearing website.

As a young woman sets out to rid herself of the ghost that’s haunting her new apartment, she comes to believe the spirit may be possessing her one piece at a time…

A carefree young woman is horrified to discover that her new apartment is haunted. In an effort to rid herself of the ghost, she begs a local professor with an interest in the occult to exorcise the spirit, but he’s convinced there’s a good reason why it hasn’t crossed over. As they set out to discover who the ghost is and what it wants, the young woman notices shifts in her physical appearance – losing weight rapidly, her hair fading from brown to white – until she’s mistaken for the previous tenant of her apartment. With the onset of these overwhelming changes, the professor comes to believe the dead girl is trying to possess the young woman piece-by-piece, and hoping they’re not too late, they set out to stop the spirit before the young woman disappears altogether…

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