Exclusive: Stephen Romano Rides the Resurrection Express to the Big Screen

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Exclusive: Stephen Romano Rides the Resurrection Express to the Big ScreenWe’re big supporters of author, screenwriter, and artist Stephen Romano, mainly because not only is he uber-talented, but he’s also just as sick as we are. God bless him! Read on for the first details on Resurrection Express as it heads toward the screen.

I am happy to announce that I have officially sealed the deal with a pair of real Hollywood legends to bring my highly acclaimed novel Resurrection Express to the big screen,” Romano tells us exclusively.

Romano continues, “I really love the book. It’s one of my favorite things I’ve done so far. Simon and Schuster really took a chance on it because it’s a batshit-crazy, ultra-violent thrill ride filed with over-the-top action, horrific torture, nonstop intrigue and crazy plot twists. It’s about a half-mad hacker/martial artist named Elroy Coffin, who gets word that his dead wife may still be alive, and all he has to do to find her is kill a bunch of people and break into the most dangerous vault ever designed . . . but, of course, nothing is what it seems to be, and he’s quickly thrown in the crosshairs of every bad guy on the planet. Oh, and did I mention that he’s carrying the end of the world as we know it in a briefcase? The tone and feel is very dark and gritty–I wanted to bring the darkness over from my horror work into the action genre, in the fast-paced style of something like Taken. It’s a very cinematic book and it takes few prisoners. I think the experiment must’ve worked because it’s been praised to the gunwales by nearly everyone who’s read it. In fact, the story was described by one reviewer as the creation of a “grindhouse auteur working with a 200-million-dollar budget. Well, I believe the two men who’ve bought the film rights are the perfect team to bring that off on the big screen.”

The film will be produced by Pierre David and Arthur Sarkissan, the men behind such legendary motion pictures as David Cronenberg’s The Brood, Videodrome and Scanners, not to mention the classics Visiting Hours and Of Unknown Origin, Oliver Stone’s Platoon, Walter Hill’s Last Man Standing and the billion dollar Rush Hour franchise. Pierre’s frequent collaborator Tom Berry will serve as an executive producer. Tom is the producer of more than a hundred films, including Scanners 2 and Screamers. The deal has just been signed, and no concrete plans for filming have been established yet . . . but it’s gonna be big and awesome, I bet.

“Like many of us, I grew up with Pierre’s amazing horror movies, and Arthur brings a great deal of Hollywood weight to the table,” Romano tells us. “Between those two, there has been blood and guts splashed across the screen in classic style, Oscar-winning badassery, and tons of Hollywood gold. These guys are the real deal, and they get things done”.

When we have more news about who will direct the film and who will play Elroy Coffin, the awesome “hero for the ages” of Resurrection Express, you guys will be the first to know. Meanwhile, check the book out! It’s one of the the wildest, most acclaimed thrillers of the year, and it just came out in mass paperback from Pocket Books.

Resurrection Express

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