San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson Drop Some Hints on The Vampire Diaries Season 3

We've saved some of the best of our coverage from the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con for last. Up next is our chat with "The Vampire Diaries" executive producers Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson, who tease us with tidbits from Season 3 like what we'll see in the first few episodes, what's up with both Katherine and Jeremy, and whether or not supernatural beings get horny, too!

San Diego Comic-ConAs for how Season 3 begins, Plec told us, "I can tell you that we did ourselves hopefully and the audience a favor at the end of Season 2 by kind of laying out a little sampler platter of what was in store. And we'll follow through with it. We've got Stefan having taken a bullet, so to speak, for Damon as Damon and Elena were finally reaching an understanding in their own friendship that was probably a little more profound than either were anticipating. We have Stefan back in the blood and back on the dark side with Klaus. We have strange and curious visitations from characters of the past that we lost along the way. So we've got a lot of stuff to kick us off, the first of which obviously being where is Stefan? Is he alive; is he dead? How can we find him; how can we help him; how can we save him? And ultimately, can he be, or does he want to be, saved?"

Williamson chimed in with, "A show like this rests on its twists and turns, and that's the fun of the show. It's why I like to write it. So the last thing I want to do is give too much away, but this season … we break it down into chapters. I would say the first chapter is clearly Klaus. We're going to watch what Klaus is doing with Stefan, what he's up to, what is this hybrid about? We're going to try to get into the Original family this year and sort of understand who they were and what they were about, perhaps meet a few of them. If you remember the mythology, Elijah explained there's eight family members, and Klaus is kind of the bastard child. He always has been. And now he's a hybrid and he's all alone. I would imagine the first thing he wants to do is change that. So it sort of launches us into Klaus and his first chapter."

Since they brought up Klaus, we wondered what the big bad has been up to, and Plec offered, "I think that Klaus and Stefan have been kicking their way through the Southwest states of America, one dive bar at a time. [laughs] They've been on a little bit of a journey, and we'll learn a little bit about that, what they've been up to, what Klaus wants and why he wants Stefan to do it with him. And that's going to be part of the first couple of episodes."

Expanding on that a bit, could she provide any clues as to Klaus' motivations? Reproduction possibly? "Honestly, there's got to be some reason why Klaus wanted to be a hybrid that's more than just, 'I'm the only one of my kind, and then doesn't that make me cool?!?' I think that what we've already seen in his character is that he has a power complex, and having been rejected by his own family and taking it out on them, one dagger at a time, we'll get a window into his desire to build a new 'family' so to speak in the form of … can he create more like him? It is creepy, but where one hybrid goes, there certainly are more to follow -- I hope, for Klaus' sake."

Enough about Klaus already! What about that bitch Katherine? This time last year everyone was talking about HER. We asked Williamson to tell us where she is going to be this year and what she'll be up to. "That's a good question; however, I can't because I don't know. I think Katherine does play a part in this year without question, but we have so much ground to cover in the beginning that in the first six episodes, while she surfaces … in terms of her relationships and her huge storyline, we're not going to focus so much on that in the first six. She's very instrumental in what happens, but once again, she doesn't get into this big, rich storyline because we're so busy telling Klaus, Stefan, some Original family stuff. We've got Jeremy seeing dead people. You know we've got so much to tell, so much ground to cover."

Speaking of Jeremy, Williamson told about those ghosts he's seeing, "They factor into Season 3 in a major way. And it's not so apparent at first, but once you watch the show, you sort of understand what's going on and why Jeremy … that hour that he died … has an opportunity, and it's interesting to watch him respond and figure it out. How is Bonnie going to help him? He's torn between two lovers plus a witch. So it's going to be fun. I just can't give anything away."