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Say Hello to Your New Hero... Super ZeroNot every hero is going to show up at the scene of the crime with six-pack abs flashing a pearly smile in a stunning outfit. Sometimes they’re toting McDonald’s like the dude who saved the three Cleveland kidnap victims. Throwing away all preconceived notions you have of heroes, meet Super Zero.

This project from writer/director Mitch Cohen is in the very early stages of development, but we loved the idea so much we had to share it with you. It’s the story of Josh Hersberg, a 19-year-old engineering genius who is terminally ill with brain cancer. Josh finds himself in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, but luckily, because of that brain cancer, the zombies don’t register him as prey. Talk about finding a silver lining to any cloud.

Read on for more info directly from Cohen as well as a promo video.

Mitch Cohen Discusses Super Zero
Super Zero is a film for the average, the eccentric, and the powerless. No matter how much you might think you’ll never have your moment to shine, anything can happen, and the future tends to arrive unannounced. With a unique balance of high concept sci-fi/horror, awesome action, and irreverent comedy, Super Zero is an “Epic Win” for those who tend to lose.

THE CORE STORY: At the heart of Super Zero lies a simple universal theme. “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” The film follows 19-year-old engineering prodigy Josh Hershberg, an overweight, introverted, and terminally ill kid who has given up hope that he matters to the world. As Josh contemplates what future, if any, is worth looking forward to, a zombie apocalypse breaks out and quickly ravages the planet. Josh suffers from a rare form of brain cancer. For some reason this tricks the zombies into sensing he’s already dead, and they simply ignore him. As the world crumbles around him, Josh takes advantage of his condition. He utilizes his engineering expertise to craft bad-ass weapons and obliterate the undead in order to save the rest of humanity. Think of Josh as a cross between Leonardo da Vinci and ‘Lardass’ from Stand By Me.

Unlike most characters in films, Josh isn’t asked to change who he is. He’s the same shy, geek-culture lover he’s always been. He’s just like so many of us, a good person who tries hard but has never been given the platform to excel. But since the world is flipped upside down, he now possesses ‘God Mode’ and is the baddest Mo-Fo around.

THE APOCALYPSE: As a result of unprecedented events, the world’s water supply is vanishing. Luckily, the Mars rover has discovered a massive untapped reservoir under the Red Planet’s surface. A sample of that liquid is on its way back home to be studied when the rocket carrying the payload crashes while re-entering Earth’s atmosphere. Society quickly learns this water is not our salvation but instead carries a horrific microbe that infects the population.

WHAT WOULD INSPIRE SUCH AN INSANE PREMISE? My job is an extension of my passion for sci-fi, horror, gaming, and comics. I love worlds that contain the awesome and the badass as much as the funny and the ridiculous. There’s a place for all of it in the characters and stories I cherish. Specifically for Super Zero, I love stories that deal with the end of the world because done right, you can bend reality without breaking believability. As a filmmaker, making extraordinary circumstances seem plausible is a really fun sandbox to play in. Simply building the promise of that world is not enough for me. What if I could tell a great personal story within that construct? This was my goal: to write an entertaining, larger than life tale but keep it grounded with a compelling, character-driven narrative. If I could do that, then I was confident this could be a special project that people could get behind and champion.

Super Zero

Super Zero

Super Zero

Super Zero

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