RiffTrax Live vs. Starship Troopers in Theaters this August

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RiffTrax Live vs. Starship Troopers in Theaters this AugustThe former stars of “Mystery Science Theater 3000” turned stars of “RiffTrax” are prepared to go live in theaters all across the countries this August, and this time they’re riffing on their biggest movie yet: Starship Troopers! Would you like to know more?

It seems RiffTrax’s plan to do a live riffing of Twilight didn’t work out, even after they raised over $264,000 on Kickstarter to try to make it happen. So, I guess, Starship Troopers is our consolation prize.

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The stars of Mystery Science Theater 3000 are back in select cinemas nationwide on Thursday, August 15th, for only one night in a hilarious never-before-seen take on the king of modern campy sci-fi epics: Starship Troopers.

Join Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett of RiffTrax.com on Thursday, August 15th, LIVE at 8:00pm ET / 7:00pm CT and taped-delayed to 7:00pm MT/ 8:00pm PT for a hilarious riff on this masterpiece of alien slaughter propaganda! This one-night event will be your only chance to see the guys fire their wisecracking commentary at Starship Troopers on the big screen.

There will be no replay of this one, and it’s doubtful there will ever be a DVD or digital download available considering this is not the sort of old school schlock they’re accustomed to doing live riffs of. For more info and tickets, click the Fathom Events link at the bottom of the page.

I’m a little torn on this news to be honest. On the one hand, I’ve no doubt there’s plenty in Starship Troopers to riff on. On the other hand, the movie is already so overtly campy and over-the-top to begin with, it’s not like it really needs that much poking fun at. Seems like they could have gotten something a bit more earnest in its badness to tear asunder. The rights to riff Super Mario Brothers or The Room can’t possibly be that expensive. Hell, if they got the rights to do a live riffing of Showgirls, they’d probably make millions.

RiffTrax Live vs. Starship Troopers in Theaters this August

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