Toby Wilkins Talks MTV’s Teen Wolf Series

Director Toby Wilkins may be best known to genre fans as the mastermind behind movies including Splinter and The Grudge 3, but he recently took his career in a new direction and helmed a trio of episodes of MTV’s newest genre show, “Teen Wolf”, and the first of his three episodes kicks off tonight.

Toby Wilkins Talks MTV’s Teen Wolf SeriesRecently Dread Central had the opportunity to chat with Wilkins about his experiences working on “Teen Wolf,” why diehard fans of the original classic film shouldn’t be so quick in dismissing the new series as a direct remake and just what’s up with the Splinter sequel that so many of us are dying to see.

Wilkins discussed how his longtime friend Jeff Davis (“Teen Wolf” series creator) was integral to getting the director involved with the series and why working on “Teen Wolf” appealed to him on a creative level. “I’ve known Jeff a long time, for about ten years now actually, and we’ve always wanted to find something cool to work on. Then Teen Wolf came along, and he brought me on to direct episodes four through six, and it was definitely great to get this opportunity.”

“The one thing MTV is known for is pushing boundaries, and up until very recently horror had been missing from the airwaves so I think the timing for Teen Wolf is absolutely perfect right now, and I know that for myself I would want to see this show if I was flipping through the channels. Serialized television has a cinematic feel to it these days, and I think that’s what is contributing to this movement of bringing real horror back to the small screen. There’s definitely a grander playing field for the genre than what used to exist,” added Wilkins.

Wilkins knew going into the project that there might be some uproar from the purists out there who would be dismissive of a televised update of the 80’s comedy Teen Wolf, and he talked about how the show itself isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel, but rather is trying to give today’s audiences a new spin on the classic story.

“I love the original Teen Wolf, and nothing we are doing with this series can change how magical that movie was,” explained Wilkins. “But audience’s sensibilities change over the years, and there’s still a great concept lurking in that movie that was a perfect story to be updated for today’s viewers. The concept works amazingly well as a serialized television drama, too, and I think making the story a little edgier and darker than the film was elevates everything. The storylines created are going to keep audiences guessing every single week, and there are going to be a lot of twists and turns along the way.”