Hammer Chillers Online Audio Dramas Set to Begin June 7; CD Digipak Releasing July 26

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Hammer Chillers Online Audio Dramas Set to Begin June 7; CD Digipak Releasing July 26Hammer Chillers is a new horror anthology series that will premiere June 7th. Available first as six 30-minute weekly downloadable episodes from the Hammer website, the collected series will also be released on CD July 26th with special bonus material.

Writers for the first series include some of the biggest names working in horror today: Stephen Volk (Ghostwatch, The Awakening), Mark Morris (Toady, Vampire Circus), Stephen Gallagher (Chimera, The Eleventh Hour), Christopher Fowler (The Bryant and May Mysteries), Paul Magrs (The Brenda and Effie Mysteries, Doctor Who) and comedian Robin Ince (Radio 4’s The Infinite Monkey Cage).

“Hammer films have been a massive influence on my writing from the days when I sneaked into the White Palace cinema in my home town of Pontypridd to see the likes of The Devil Rides Out and The Vampire Lovers,” says Stephen Volk. “Now to be writing an audio drama under the Hammer banner is a dream (or nightmare!) come true, and I relish the chance to entrance and chill as I was entranced and chilled.”

Stephen Gallagher is another longtime Hammer fan. “Doesn’t matter when you were born; everyone’s grown up with Hammer. The company developed a style and a brand that’s become a permanent part of our culture. Imagine working for Hammer in the Sixties. Wouldn’t that be the coolest thing? Well, let me tell you, it still is.”

The cast for the series includes Miles Jupp (Rev), Con O’Neill (Telstar), Tony Gardner (Last Tango in Halifax), Camille Coduri (Him and Her), Zoe Lister (Hollyoaks), Alex Lowe (Fun at the Funeral Parlour), Daphne Alexander (Casualty) and Lizzie Roper (Dead Boss).

The series is produced by Bafflegab Productions. Hammer Chillers contains adult material and is not suitable for younger listeners.

Here’s a spooky promo video for the project along with a list of the episodes with release dates and synopses. The artwork below is from the compilation CD. For more info, including download and subscription details, visit the official Hammer Chillers website.

“The Box” – Written by Stephen Gallagher – Released on JUNE 7th
The culmination of the Wainfleet Maritime College sea rescue and safety course is a session in The Box, an underwater helicopter escape simulator. The candidates are ex-navy or air force, and The Box should be an easy exercise for such experienced men. So why are the drop-outs gradually increasing in number? Men are seeing things when they’re submerged and won’t talk about them when they come out… What is the secret of The Box?

“The Fixation” – Written by Mark Morris – Released on JUNE 14th
When Ian Hibbert witnesses a hoodie dumping a bin of rubbish outside his house, he decides enough is enough. He convenes a group of Darwell residents and sets out to clean up the estate, which has been falling to rack and ruin the past few years. But the Clean Up Darwell group are abused; his daughter is attacked; and finally, one of the committee members disappears. Ian discovers to his cost that someone – or something – doesn’t want him to clean up Darwell. But why?

“Spanish Ladies” – Written by Paul Magrs – Released on JUNE 21st
Phil doesn’t need a girlfriend, his overbearing Mummy tells him. His Mummy will look after him forever. She steams open his post, reads his diary, and checks under his bed for mucky magazines. Suspecting that her shy, middle-aged son is seeing a lady, she employs her friend Renee from Friday night bingo to spy on him. But when Mummy discovers that it’s Renee herself who is carrying on with her darling boy, she exacts a terrible revenge…

“Sticks and Stones” – Written by Robin Ince – Released on JUNE 28th
Neil Stanley is a nice man. He has a nice house, a nice wife, a nice life. But Neil has a secret. He’s an internet troll, spending every spare moment posting hate-filled messages online. When he begins trolling talent-show contestant Sam Pinker, his threats begin to come true. Is Neil acting upon his online taunts? Or is something else to blame?

“The Devil in Darkness” – Written by Christopher Fowler – Released on JULY 5th
Mia never takes the eerie old lift in the St Petersburg International Archive. But one night she leaves late and is forced to break her rule. She’s traveling down with the only other passenger when the lift jams between floors. Andrei is a Russian electrician and tries to free them, but he can’t get the doors open. As the days pass, their bond grows stronger while they grow weaker. But what are those strange noises? Are supernatural forces trapping them in the lift? Or is the truth even more terrifying?

“Don’t Go There” – Written by Stephen Volk – Released on JULY 19th
John and Laura Daulby’s son is lying in a coma in hospital on a Greek holiday island. But John refuses to believe his son is just another victim of bad drugs. He enters the hedonistic world of 18-30 clubbers to get to the truth and meets the enigmatic and beautiful Stheno. Finding himself increasingly attracted to her – in the same way his son was – he realises that she may just be a Greek myth come to life…

Hammer Chillers Online Audio Dramas Set to Begin June 7; CD Digipak Releasing July 26

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