Another Round of Unused Animatronics from The Thing Prequel

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Another Round of Unused Animatronics from The Thing PrequelEvery few months or so another behind-the-scenes video from Universal’s prequel to The Thing slips online and makes us want to set our pubes ablaze with great fury over how cool this movie could have been. This is one of those times.

Mind you, these fine bits of practical FX work were unfortunately scrapped for “more realistic” looking CGI. For more on those poor decisions, read Michael Felsher’s editorial on The Thing premake and my review of The Thing Blu-ray.

StudioADI has shared another previously unseen behind-the-scenes video. The torso puppet you see below was built to show Henrick’s legs kicking as he’s being swallowed by the “Thing” under the shack.

The videos below the torso puppet, which we’ve posted before but you might have missed, showcase two animatronic pilot aliens. “The mummified Pilot and the Thing having replicated itself as one of the alien crew members. In the story originally, the Thing needed to become one of these aliens in order to fly the ship buried under the ice (note the bio-mechanical connections implanted in the creature’s back),” they explain.

ADI designed the character, built a limited animatronic puppet, and performed it on set.

The third Pilot was going to be a digital version of this creature, but due to a story change, it was never executed. The mummified Pilot was covered over with a digital energy effect, and we designed a new character, the Sanders-Thing, which was realized digitally.

Watch this latest video and the others below. Then get angry and punch the wall.

The Thing

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