An All New Gorilla from the 50s Is on the Loose

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An All New Gorilla from the 50s Is on the LooseIn horror’s early days you could find a rabid rampaging gorilla in tons of different horror flicks. If didn’t even matter if the movie was about them or whether it actually fit with the goings-on or not. Why? Because the presence of a gorilla is fun.

Filmmaker Dave Shaw knows this all too well and as a result is releasing a frightfully funny homage to the terror tales of yesteryear called, simply enough, Gorilla. Sara Duplancic, Francis Fisk, Paul Washer, Sherry Thurig, and Penu Chalykoff star. Dig on the trailer and more below.

A comedic salute to 1950’s “Monster on the Loose” B-Movies (with modern twists). “Late Night Classics presents GORILLA!” tells the story of Anna, a young woman who discovers that an escaped gorilla is killing her friends and family. Her only hope to stop the beast is booze-hound former TV show host Riggs Deardon, who once tussled with a gorilla 20 years previously. Anna enlists the help of her logical yet sarcastic boyfriend Stephen, Riggs’ lost in the 60’s ex-wife Mimsy, and not quite with it cop Officer Landis to stop the beast before it kills again.


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