Adrián García Bogliano to Have a Massacre, Tonight in Amsterdam

While his latest film Cold Sweat having just enjoyed its premiere at the SXSW film festival, director Adrián García Bogliano is ready to debut one of his older films overseas, and we've got the trailer and one-sheet for you.

2009's Watch'em Die (a completely different moniker from its original title of Masacre esta noche) will be making its premiere at the 27th Annual Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival. Dig on the trailer, the original artwork, the current sales art, and a roughly translated plot crunch below.

Thanks to DC reader, The Gomorrahizer, for the title update. Look for more on this one soon!

A young screenwriter gets a job replacing a cameraman who disappeared during the production of a mysterious new film. Once there, he finds himself surrounded by a bunch of strange folks including a porn actor and his foolish girlfriend. But the real question is ... who is that man with that strange mask on? To his absolute shock, our hero discovers that he has accidentally ended up on the set of a snuff-film, and the odds aren't looking good that he'll survive the night.

Adrián García Bogliano to Have a Massacre, Tonight in Amsterdam

Adrián García Bogliano to Have a Massacre, Tonight in Amsterdam

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As I noted on Monday in the thread "COLD SWEAT (SUDOR FRÍO) + WATCH'EM DIE (MASACRE ESTA NOCHE)" (see http://www.dreadcentral.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=334948 ), "the English-language title of Masacre esta noche is 'Watch'em Die'. Distribution rights for the movie are being offered for sale by [embedded link: http://www.cinemagotika.com/ ] Cinema Gotika (Ave Estudios s.r.l.)."

There's a sales poster for Watch'em Die on the page for the movie on Cinema Gotika's website.

Cinema Gotika: Watch'em Die

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