Bates Motel Recap: Episode 1.05 – Ocean View

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Bates Motel: Recap of Episode 1.05 - Ocean View - Norman and EmmaWhat’s your take on Deputy Shelby? Whose side is he on? Now that Norma has been arrested, we’ll have to watch and see how she would get herself out of that jam. Let’s hope both mother and son are not separated for too long in tonight’s episode.

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read any further if you haven’t watched the episode yet. This is a recap with specific details from this episode. Continue only if you have already watched it.

After spending the night with Bradley in her bed, Norman walked home with a spring in his steps and a grin on his face. Walking in through the kitchen, he encountered a breakfasting Dylan who reported lackadaisically that Norma was in jail, but only after being asked. Norman was knocked off his revelry.

Norma sat in the prison holding cell all by herself before she was visited by Norman and Dylan. When Norman asked her what they could do to help her, she replied very sarcastically, attacking Norman’s devotion. Luckily Dylan shut her up with the fact that her bail was set at one hundred thousand dollars. When Dylan suggested using the motel as collateral, she refused help and told them both to leave her be. “Given what happened you don’t need any help?” Dylan retorted knowingly. Norma darted a look at Norman and realized that Dylan knew about the rape and the killing. She yelled at them to leave her. After Dylan stormed off, Norman still wanted to help Norma but she wouldn’t even look at him. Was that hurt on his face?

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Norman was going through the piles of paperwork at the motel, not finding what he was looking for. Emma showed up and tried to offer her condolences. She even offered Norman to stay with her and her father which he declined. Norman finally found the deed to the motel and could get bail money for Norma. Emma offered to drive Norma and he accepted.

Trekking through the woods to work with his henchman buddy Ethan, Dylan tried to ask if he could get an advance from their employer so that he could get a place for Norman and himself but Ethan scoffed at Dylan’s asking amount.

In a prison cell, Deputy Shelby brought Norman some food but she was not hungry. The deputy could only just leave her the tray and left.

Bates Motel: Recap of Episode 1.05 - Ocean View - Norma & Zack

Emma drove Norman to a bails bond store but no one was there then. While waiting outside, Norman started to tell her that he found the girl from the picture journal. He would not say where he found the girl but reported that the girl wasn’t there anymore. Emma kept peppering Norman with questions and scolded him for not telling her the details. He tried to stop Emma from freaking out, stating that he couldn’t do anything about the girl until the situation with his mom has been sorted out. Emma reluctantly agreed and leaned in to kiss Norman. When Emma asked if Norma did it, Norman lied with a straight face.

Lying in bed, Norman finally texted Bradley since leaving her bed. While reminiscing about the time he spent with Bradley, Norman was interrupted by a text update from the bail bonds guy. Norma would be released in the morning. That definitely put a damper on the fantasy!

In the morning, Norman waited outside the Sheriffs station in the rain with a bouquet of flowers. When Norma came out, she continued to give Norman the cold shoulder. Norma continued to not speak to Norman and ended acted a little childishly, while they waited for an attorney. When the attorney tried to create a defense strategy for Keith Summers’ murder, Norma got offended. After a quick exchange, Norma ended the meeting and stormed out.

On their drive home, Norman tried to appeal to Norma to be more serious about her defense but she only zeroed in on how Norman went out and got laid while she was at home crying the other night. After some passive-aggressive exchanges, Norman revealed that Norma had done things that didn’t make sense to him and she scared him. That got her even angrier and she yelled at him to get out of the car. When Norman hesitated, Norma got out of the car, went to the passenger side and dragged Norman out.

Norman watched her drive away and started walking himself. Dylan found Norman and gave him a ride. Along the way, Norman discover an unexpected joy of having a cool older brother and was grinning from ear-to-ear. Another great scene by Freddie Highmore. Back home, in the kitchen, Dylan started schooling Norman on dealing with their mother, comparing her to being addicted to drama and recommended that he leave her. “You don’t just walk away from your parents” Norman retorted and Dylan realized that Norman didn’t know any better. So Dylan announced that he’s getting his own place down by the beach with ocean view and told Norman to go live with him, whether Norma went to jail or not. Norman still refused.

Heading to work, Dylan received a loan from his henchman buddy Ethan. It wasn’t an advance but a loan from Ethan himself, for Dylan and his brother. Ethan wanted Dylan to succeed in their line of work and make him look good for bringing Dylan in. A guy who looked like a druggie walked up to their truck. Ethan nonchalantly asked the druggie if he got his act together, to which he responded by pulling a gun at Ethan, shot him in the neck and ran away. Dylan managed to drive Ethan to the emergency room and got help. Hm.. If Ethan dies, he got free money. If Ethan lives, Dylan would be hailed the hero. Win-win, don’t you think?

Near a dock, Norma drove up to Deputy Shelby’s truck and got it. He apologized for having to arrest Norma. When he started telling her that it was too dangerous for them to see each other, Norma got angry and stormed out of his truck. He stopped her and confessed his love for Norma, insisting that he was in hell because he couldn’t do anything to help her. That softened her up and they shared a passionate kiss. He promised to figure out how to get Norma off. What do you think is the deputy’s game? Or is he really smitten by Norma?

At the Sheriffs station, Deputy Shelby distracted the administrator and broke into the evidence room. He went on to steal the watch evidence, the one with carpet fibers that everyone kept talking about.

Driving around in Ethan’s truck, Dylan was still in shock over the shooting when he happened upon the shooter at a deserted area. Dylan proceeded to chase him down and ran him over. Looking back, Dylan seemed surprised at what he just did.

At the library, Emma was doing research on Keith Summers’ properties and learned the name of his boat.

Bates Motel: Recap of Episode 1.05 - Ocean View - Norman & Dylan

Back at the motel, a mopey Norma got a phone call from her attorney, Rebecca Craig. The intrepid attorney had wanted to run their own test on the carpet sample and learned that the fiber sample evidence has disappeared and so, Norma’s case was closed.

Norman tried to reach Bradley but only got her voicemail and proceeded to leave an awkward but endearing message. Norma rushed in happily and announced that her case would be thrown out of court because of the lost evidence. When Norma thought Deputy Shelby might have had something to do with that, Norman got agitated and accused Norma of trading sexual favors for that act. Well, not exactly but that’s what I imagined a deranged codependent Norman would think.

Outside, Emma drove up because she had an idea where the girl in the picture journal might be.

Emma stopped at a dock so that she and Norman could talk. While listening to Emma’s theory, Norman kept checking his phone, still looking for Bradley’s reply. Emma went on and on about her investigation before stopping to confront Norman about his phone-checking. Norman confessed that he was with Bradley now because he had sex with her. Emma, who was obviously hurt, tried to brush it off as only a hook up because she didn’t change her Facebook relationship status. Poor girl. Despite her sniffles, she even managed to explain where the girl might have been hidden. Smart theory.

Breaking into Keith Summers’ boat, the Seafarer, at night, Norman & Emma investigated the inside and found the Asian girl locked in a closet. That reveal was kinda freaky, wasn’t it?

Emma and Norman drove back to the motel and carried the passed out girl into an empty room. They tried to clean her up.

Leaving the office, Norma saw Emma’s car and went to investigate thinking the worst of Norman and stormed into the room surprising Norman, Emma and the Asian girl. Norman explained to Norma that this was the girl in Deputy Shelby’s basement. Even when the girl collaborated on the story and that the deputy kept her as a sex slave, Norma still refused to believe. Norma ran back to the office to grab a newspaper with the deputy’s picture in it. The girl saw the picture and confirmed it. Norma became speechless.

So the deputy had his own sex slave? Having Norma for free wasn’t enough? What do you think would happen to the deputy now, given Norma’s proclivity to have dead exes. Tell us in the comment sections below. Spoiler alert: Mike Vogel who plays Deputy Shelby, is the lead in the new series “Under The Dome”.

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