Horror at the Oscars 2011 - Part One

It is that time of year again when Dread Central pays its respects to those who have worked in our beloved genre and made it to the red carpet on Oscar night 2011. The genre was in rare form when it came to the nominations. Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan was up for the gold in multiple categories (best picture, best actress, cinematography, and direction); even The Wolfman was on the short-list for best make-up. And win we did.

Horror at the OscarsBut let’s not get ahead of ourselves because therein lie the gems of VHS past for a large share of both the winners and folks who were nominated. Highlights include a win for Melissa Leo (nominated two years ago for Frozen River), whom we remember best as Judith 'MaMa' Baer in Deadtime Stories. And who could forget Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman in American Psycho? My fellow fright fiends, he brought home the gold last night. Innocent Blood? Frankenstein Unbound? Tremors? Oscar winner? Sure thing if you look at Robert Stromberg’s (Alice in Wonderland) resume.

So without further ado, here's Part One of our blood red carpet heroes.

Please Note: This is NOT going to be an all-inclusive list of every genre project these stars have worked on. Just some highlights. Feel free to add your own highlights for them in our comments section below.

Actor in a Leading Role

WINNER: Colin Firth in The King's Speech
Horror cred: Trauma, The Turn of the Screw

Jeff Bridges in True Grit
Horror cred: The Vanishing, King Kong

Jesse Eisenberg in The Social Network
Horror cred: Zombieland, Cursed, The Village

James Franco in 127 Hours
Horror cred: The Wicker Man

Actor in a Supporting Role

WINNER: Christian Bale in The Fighter
Horror cred: Terminator: Salvation, The Machinist, American Psycho

John Hawkes in Winter's Bone
Horror cred: From Dusk Till Dawn, Night of the Scarecrow, Freaked, Scary Movie, Future Kill "X-Files", "Brimstone", "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"

Jeremy Renner in The Town
Horror cred: 28 Weeks Later, Dahmer

Mark Ruffalo in The Kids Are All Right
Horror cred: Shutter Island, The Dentist, Mirror, Mirror III: The Voyeur

Geoffrey Rush in The King's Speech
Horror cred: The House on Haunted Hill

Actress in a Leading Role

WINNER: Natalie Portman in Black Swan

Nicole Kidman in Rabbit Hole
Horror cred: The Others

Michelle Williams in Blue Valentine
Horror cred: Shutter Island, Halloween H20: 20 Years Later, Species

Actress in a Supporting Role

WINNER: Melissa Leo in The Fighter
Horror cred: Hide and Seek, Deadtime Stories

Amy Adams in The Fighter
Horror cred: Psycho Beach Party, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"

Helena Bonham Carter in The King's Speech
Horror cred: Terminator Salvation, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Corpse Bride, Humanoids from the Deep (1996), Frankenstein

Jacki Weaver in Animal Kingdom
Horror cred: Picnic at Hanging Rock

Art Direction

WINNER: Alice in Wonderland
Production Design: Robert Stromberg
Horror cred: Shutter Island, The Road, Pan's Labyrinth, Kull the Conqueror, From Dusk Till Dawn, Addams Family Values, Innocent Blood, Frankenstein Unbound, Tremors, A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Dream Child

Set Decoration: Karen O'Hara
Horror cred: What Lies Beneath, The Silence of the Lambs

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1
Production Design: Stuart Craig
Horror cred: Mary Reilly

Set Decoration: Stephenie McMillan
Horror cred: Mary Reilly

Production Design: Guy Hendrix Dyas
Horror cred: Lost Souls, The Cell, Mimic

Set Decoration: Larry Dias
Horror cred: The Village, Lost Souls

Set Decoration: Doug Mowat
Horror cred: Constantine, Cursed, Ghosts (short), My Boyfriend's Back, Psycho IV: The Beginning, Remote Control, Trick or Treat

The King's Speech
Production Design: Eve Stewart
Horror cred: The Dark

Best Cinematography

WINNER: Inception Wally Pfister
Horror cred: Amityville: A New Generation, The Unborn

Black Swan Matthew Libatique
Horror cred: Gothika

The King's Speech Danny Cohen
Horror cred: Creep

The Social Network Jeff Cronenweth
Horror cred: Se7en

True Grit Roger Deakins
Horror cred: The Village

Best Costume Design

WINNER: Alice in Wonderland Colleen Atwood
Horror cred: Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Sleepy Hollow, Fallen, The Silence of the Lambs, The Handmaid’s Tale, Manhunter, Zombie Prom (short)

The Tempest Sandy Powell
Horror cred: Shutter Island, The Butcher Boy, Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles

Best Direction

WINNER: The King's Speech Tom Hooper

Black Swan Darren Aronofsky
Horror cred: Requiem for a Dream

The Social Network David Fincher
Horror cred: Se7en, Alien³

“True Grit” Joel Coen
Horror cred: The Evil Dead, Fear No Evil

Best Documentary (Short Subject)

WINNER: Inside Job Charles Ferguson

Sun Come Up Tim Metzger
Horror cred: "MonsterQuest"

Best Film Editing

WINNER: The Social Network Angus Wall
Horror cred: "Carnivàle"

Black Swan Andrew Weisblum

127 Hours Jon Harris
Horror cred: The Descent

Look for Part Two soon!

- Heather Buckley

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