The Walking Dead – Norman Reedus Talks Revenge on The Governor

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The Walking Dead - Norman Reedus Talks Revenge on The GovernorAfter the events of the last episode of “The Walking Dead,” we know for sure that Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) has one thing on his mind: total merciless revenge upon the head of a certain single-eyed Governor.

THR recently caught up with Reedus, who had this to say about the upcoming season finale…


“[Daryl] is going to become quiet and it’s going to harden him. He grew up a lot in that moment [with Merle] and he’s truly on his own. He has the group, which has become his new family, but as far as reconnecting with his brother when they got back together, he had it in his mind that it could be a new beginning. Merle could change, Daryl definitely changed and they could be different people now; he had this hope. It was the same thing with finding Sophia — she was the symbol of hope for the future and Daryl was holding on to it. Now he’s going to be real dark and he’ll withdraw a bit. He definitely wants revenge but at the same time he’s just becoming hardened by life. Daryl stabbing Merle in the head over and over like that wasn’t anger toward his brother; it was at the situation, the world we live in, frustration; and a lot of rage comes from a fear-based place. Daryl has always been full of fear and rage at the same time he fights because he’s always had to, he’s always had his back up against the wall, and that makes you a ferocious fighter. But there’s also elements of fear that causes you to be like that. All those feelings are hardened now and he’s going to get stone cold for a while. There’s also a part of him that thinks maybe he can grow from that a little bit, too.”

Reedus continues, “Daryl can look at a situation and know what happened. I don’t know if Daryl is going to dig the bullet out and figure it out or is just full of grief and walk away. He holds the Governor completely responsible for the situation. The situation that the Governor brought to the table has threatened everybody and it got his brother killed. Daryl definitely wants to cut the guy’s face off. He wants a ferocious revenge; he doesn’t just want to see justice — he wants to rip his head off.”

“The Walking Dead” Episode 3.16 – “Welcome to the Tombs” (airs 3/31/13)
Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and the group have to seriously consider if the prison is worth defending as the Governor’s (David Morrissey) impending attack looms over their heads. Written by Glen Mazzara; directed by Ernest Dickerson.

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