28 Days Later Scribe to Build a Better Woman in Ex Machina

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The Hollywood Reporter

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28 Days Later Scribe to Build a Better Woman in Ex Machina28 Days Later writer Alex Garland is getting ready to make his directorial debut with an odd little film featuring what could be the perfect woman. Hopefully she’ll end up being a perfectly evil woman. We like that kind of thing.

THR is reporting that Garland is sitting happily in the director’s seat for the upcoming robot thriller Ex Machina, which centers on a billionaire programmer who handpicks a young employee to spend a week at his remote estate and participate in a test involving his latest invention: an artificially intelligent female robot.

Better hope it’s not that time of the month for said bucket of well put together bolts because we don’t think there’s a maxi-pad in the world that will be able to absorb the fury of her boiling motor oil should she get crabby.

Garland wrote the screenplay and DNA Films, which has collaborated with Garland on a number of films including Dredd, Never Let Me Go, and of course 28 Days Later, is on board to produce alongside Scott Rudin and Eli Bush. More soon!

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