The Danish Dead Rise in Opstandelsen

Here at Dread Central any time the dead decide to rise and ravage the living is a really good time. Having them rise and lay siege to a church? Well, that's like a dream come true, and that's exactly what we're getting in the Danish horror flick Opstandelsen.

Incidentally, that title is insanely fun to say out loud. Try it ... Opstandelsen. Scream it, it's okay! OPSTANDELSEN!!!! See?

Check out the goods on Casper Haugegaard's new zombie flick starring Hans Maaløe, Marie Fromé Vanglund, Mads Althoff, and Jonas Bjørn Andersen below. For more visit the official Opstandelsen Facebook page!

"Opstandelsen brings the zombie apocalypse into the house of God. Simon’s three siblings gather at his funeral – where all hell breaks loose as the undead rise from their graves, driving the siblings down into the deep dark catacombs below the church. Surrounded by death, they now have to face the congregation of zombies in order to escape the house of God alive..."

Opstandelsen - English Subtitled Trailer
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The Danish Dead Rise in Opstandelsen

The Danish Dead Rise in Opstandelsen

The Danish Dead Rise in Opstandelsen

- Uncle Creepy

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Love that poster!

Submitted by ambear913 on Fri, 12/17/2010 - 4:06pm.

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