Horror Has a New Deadline

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Don’t worry, kids; this has nothing to do with Nikki Finke or that Brittany Murphy flick. We’re talking about a whole new haunt that’s on its way from director Chris Tasara, and we have your first look at it right here. Dig it!

The events which inspired Deadline are even more obscure. “When they were excavating my backyard, they found bones, and we had to call the police in,” says Tasara. “A forensics team was brought in, and they determined the bones to be animal, but we weren’t so sure. A knee bone was found, and the rest of the remains were cut into bizarre shaped pieces. Whatever they were, my feeling was they were so old that tracing them was going to be next to impossible, which is why the police probably let it go. I took that incident and ran with it, except I had the human remains found in the crawl space.”

Tasara continues, “The second incident involved an apparition in the window. I don’t really believe in that sort of thing, but my workers were staying here and took a picture of what looked like an angry old man staring into the window here one night. They actually showed me the picture, and it was spooky! The third incident (and the only one that happened after I moved in) was the electric saw turning itself on one night. Other than that, I’ve had mostly good luck since I moved into this place.”

Deadline is coming soon to video-on-demand, and Deadline 3D Blu-ray is coming in 2013 to Fry’s retail stores and Fry’s online.

Kyle and Sarah are starting a life together in a renovated house in Hollywood Hills on the same property where the original house burned down a decade earlier and its owner vanished. Despite certain rumors about the property, the couple decide to acquire the home of their dreams.

But they quickly encounter bizarre occurrences around the house. And when one of their friends disappears and the forensics expert assigned to the case is found murdered, they realize they’re being targeted in a twisted cat-and-mouse game.

Enter Detective Brills, a hard-boiled homicide detective who’s been trying to solve the riddle of the house ever since the fire. He’s more than determined to help the couple to find out what’s really going around the estate. But he, too, cannot stop the murderous rampage that begins to claim the couple’s friends and associates, one by one.

After finding human remains in the crawl space, Kyle and Sarah slowly learn about the unspeakable events that took place and realize the culprit is closer to them than they can ever imagine.

Horror Has a New Deadline

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