Motion Picture Stay Dead Lets You Be The Hero

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Brucefilm’s Stay Dead is a first of its kind: a motion picture game that lets you be the hero. Players will step into engaging gameplay and fight to the death while appearing in their very own action movie like Indiana Jones!

From the Press Release
Stay Dead has finally got a playable PC demo several months after its first launch on the market. Now everyone can taste for free the original gameplay of this odd and never-seen-before attempt to merge movie and videogame world. The fresh and new concept behind Stay Dead already collected several good reviews worldwide, proving that it is possible to create an engaging videogame using exclusively live footage for all the in-game graphics. From today the final judgment passes to the gamers, who can now evaluate by themselves the fun factor of being an hero of an action movie.

Stay Dead is the brucefilm’s effort to build something fun around a simple and not yet really explored idea: to interact in real time in a movie. Here what is NOT Stay Dead: It is not about graphic adventures, laser games or interactive movie. Stay Dead is a REAL ARCADE-ACTION GAME, something that (probably) it was never done before.

Playing Stay Dead is like watching the movie ‘Indiana Jones’ and being able to command Indiana inside one of his action scene IN REAL TIME, just like if he was a videogame character. Actually it is more like command ‘Chuck Norris’ or ‘Bruce Lee’ in one of their action movie, because BRUCEfilm tried to capture that kind of feeling (starting from the strange and colorful foes), but the concept is the same.

In the end STAY DEAD is a fusion of a ’round beat’em up’ game like Street Fighter with a lot of elements taken from rhythm games.

Visit the official Stay Dead website to learn more.

Motion Picture Stay Dead Lets You Be The Hero

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