Make a Date with J.J. Abrams' Super 8

Finally Paramount has announced a release date for its next alien monster-mash, the ever so hush hush Super 8 which is filming right now in West Virginia. Get out your calendars, folks! Time to mark down a date!

Look for the film starring Kyle Chandler, Elle Fanning, Ron Eldard, Noah Emmerich, Gabriel Basso, Joel Courtney, Riley Griffiths, Ryan Lee, Zach Mills, and AJ Michalka to be in theatres on June 10, 2011.

Super 8 tells the story of a bunch of kids who are shooting a movie with a Super 8 camera that notice upon viewing their footage that they've captured what appears to be an alien on film.

Check out some more behind-the-scenes videos below.

Make a Date with J.J. Abrams' Super 8

- Uncle Creepy

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ChaosWeaver's picture

I find myself agreeing with Terminal and not with Vanvance for once...I'm stoked for this film!

Submitted by ChaosWeaver on Thu, 10/28/2010 - 10:25am.
Terminal's picture

Can't wait.
"We are bad guys. That means we've got more to do other than bullying companies. It's fun to lead a bad man's life."

Submitted by Terminal on Thu, 10/28/2010 - 6:53am.
Vanvance1's picture

Wow, I hope it's as good as Abram's 'Lost' and his take on 'Star Trek'. Intelligent SF like that would make Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke bow down before him.

Can I be more sarcastic?

Submitted by Vanvance1 on Thu, 10/28/2010 - 12:34am.
Rottenjesus's picture

Seeing as this is the most insightful post about Abrams made in the entire history of the internet....I'd say no.

Submitted by Rottenjesus on Thu, 10/28/2010 - 2:11am.
Katsumi's picture

Do you know where in West Virgina this is filming and what the heck is up with moving filming there?

Submitted by Katsumi on Wed, 10/27/2010 - 11:00pm.
moderator According to the videos
Steve Barton's picture

According to the videos above, Weirton.

Submitted by Steve Barton on Thu, 10/28/2010 - 1:34am.

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