Excl: Spike Scream Awards Carpet, Event & After Party Coverage

This writer hit Scream 2010 (held at the Greek Theatre in LA) and its after party (at the Music Box in Hollywood) this past Saturday night, and while we’ll be bleeding out a number of the interviews we conducted over the week (the airing of the event takes place tonight, October 19 on Spike TV), we are first bringing you our chat with Saw 3D co-scribe Marcus Dunstan, who took some time on the carpet to chat up that film as well as his coming flick The Collection and more.

No lie: I dig Dunstan, he of the infectious laugh, twisted personality and black fuzzy jacket. It seems only yesterday when I was seated in a lawn chair next to him in the high-desert enclave of Agua Dolce at 3am, watching together as FX-man Gary Tunnicliffe thrust a prosthetic beast-baby’s junk into actress Diane Goldner’s mouth while director John Gulager shouted, ‘Fuck her mouth harder!’ on the set of Feast (our lives are bizarre, I know). Since then, things have evolved. Dunstan, along with congenial co-scribe Patrick Melton, have effectively utilized their win in "Project Greenlight" Season 3, as well as their prolific and macabre talents, to usher forth not only such gonzo genre films as Feast II: Sloppy Seconds and Feast III: The Happy Finish, but also the blockbuster hits Saw IV, Saw V, Saw VI and Saw 3D, the latter which releases wide this October 29th via Lionsgate.

Here it comes,” shouted Dunstan of Saw 3D, over the screams of the garishly costumed seat-fillers who hovered over the historically traffic-jammed carpet. “It’s whimsical and it’s bittersweet, because every year we’ve got to bring every dark impulse into that storyline, and say alright, ‘How are we going to scare them this year?’ This one is about honoring the past, and the fact that (actor) Carey Elwes came back is a miracle. We wanted to honor him with our most hopefully badass and most forthright effort yet, so I can’t wait!

Excl: Spike Scream Awards Carpet, Event & After Party Coverage