Happy Thanksgiving 2012

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This is it, kids! The day we gorge ourselves after spending a good portion of our morning elbow deep up the ass of a dead bird in search of The Bag™. Sure such behavior in any other situation would be cause for therapy, but today we give thanks for the experience!

There’s a lot of things for us to be thankful for here at Dread Central. Good movies. Bad movies. So bad that they’re good movies. And of course the miraculous times each year in which we’re all not suffering some form of disasters, tragedies, illnesses, or in my own personal case… exploding organs that led to my stomach being shaved by a burly Persian man with lube in one hand and clippers in the other. Yep, I won’t be forgetting 2012 anytime soon.

As always we’d like to take this time to thank our writing staff both old and new. You guys are the diesel fuel that keeps our engine running like a champ. As I said once already, every day working with you cats is indeed something to be thankful for. If only for the plethora of innuendos associated with the pen name Doctor Gash. You’re all sexy bitches and superstars, and we love each of you dearly.

Then there’s you… our faithful readers. It’s you who allow us to be Dread Central. It’s your support that keeps everything moving. We even like when you yell at us from time to time because it keeps us on our toes. We know the anger only comes from passion, and we could never fault you for that. We hope you see that very same passion in our work. We love you, and we’ll never ever forget or take for granted what you guys bring to the table. You’re our peers, and this site is just as much yours as it is ours.

May everyone’s Thanksgiving day be filled with laughs, love, and lunacy, and may your early morning hunt sticking your hand up a dead bird’s ass until you find the dreaded Bag™ housing its entrails and neck be swift, painless, and non-psyche scarring.

Thank you guys for all that you do. You’ve no idea how much you mean to us. Sincerely. Eat, drink, and be scary!

Happy Thanksgiving 2012

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