Trailer for Indonesian Supernatural Airline Disaster Flick Flight 574 Tragedy Provides Today’s Comedy

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You don’t hear a whole lot about Indonesian cinema here in the United States. That’s kind of a shame when I watch a trailer like the one for their haunted airplane disaster flick Flight 574 Tragedy. I think we’re being denied some real comedy gold.

It’s probably a good time to mention that Flight 574 Tragedy (or Tragedi Penerbangan 574 as it’s known in its native country) is not meant to be a comedy. At least I don’t think it’s meant to be a comedy. But the sight of that burning cockpit and the whirling camerawork representing the plane spinning out of control sure had me chuckling. brings us news of the film and a trailer:

Flight 574 Tragedy tells the story of four teenagers who were on vacation in Surabaya. One of their friends had a horrific accident and was killed while the three others survived. They intend to fly the body of their friend home to Manado by chartered commercial aircraft, but the journey is marred by terror after terror on the plane. One by one, casualties mount up due to a ghost demanding revenge, until the plane crashes into the ocean. Air traffic control manages to pinpoint where the plane sinks, and a fishing boat finds survivors amongst the ruins. Jubilant at being rescued, they seemed not to realize their terror is far from over.

Here’s the weird part of the story. A Google search revealed that this movie is loosely based on an actual Flight 574 that crashed off the coast of Indonesia in 2007, the cause of which was determined to have been the pilots inadvertently disconnecting the autopilot while trying to correct the navigation system. No stories of supernatural happenings being in any way involved.

So, essentially, what we have here is the equivalent of making a movie called Space Shuttle Columbia Tragedy that explains the cause of its explosion upon reentry to be due to an extraterrestrial invader onboard raising hell.

Flight 574 Tragedy was written, directed, and produced by a bunch of people you’ve most likely never heard of with far too many letters in their names. Chances are it will never see the light of day over here in the US. So this trailer is most likely the most we’ll ever get to see. Take two minutes out of your life to savor it.

Flight 574 Tragedy

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