Exclusive: Alexandra Daddario Talks Texas Chainsaw 3D and More

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Even though we missed her during our set visit for Texas Chainsaw 3D in Shreveport, Dread Central did recently have the opportunity to speak with the newest heroine of the Chainsaw franchise- Alexandra Daddario.

In Texas Chainsaw 3D, we follow Daddario’s character, Heather, who has the misfortune of collecting on an inheritance from a mysterious unknown relative, only to find out she has ties to the cannibalistic Sawyer clan, including a certain chainsaw-wielding maniac with a penchant for wearing masks that he crafts out of human flesh.

Facing off against the one and only Leatherface is a daunting task for anyone so during our recent interview with Daddario we spoke to the actress about how she prepared for the role, what she enjoys about working in the horror genre and more.

Check out the highlights of our exclusive chat with Daddario below, and look for our interview with Texas Chainsaw 3D director John Luessenhop soon!

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Dread Central: So how did you get the role of Heather in Texas Chainsaw 3D? Everyone pretty much knows who Leatherface is, but how much about this franchise were you familiar with before you auditioned?

Alexandra Daddario: It was pretty much a normal experience for this; I went in to audition and just waited to hear if I got the part. I knew that if I did get this role, I’d be stepping into something huge, which was pretty fantastic just to consider. When I did get the role, I was so excited and really just honored to be a part of such an amazing franchise and excited for the challenges that I knew would be coming once we started shooting.

When I first read the script, through, I just thought it was great that there was so much in there that touched on the original film and the original story; I knew how important it was that we respect the legacy of this franchise and the legacy of Tobe’s film so the fact is that the past history of these iconic characters and this world is not ignored. Not at all. It’s front and center, which is great.

Dread Central: You’ve pretty much done every genre across the board- what did you enjoy most about working within the horror genre? Did you find it more challenging as a performer?

Alexandra Daddario: I’ve done horror before, and I loved it – Bereavement was a movie I did recently – and I really think it’s the only genre where you get to stretch yourself in such extreme ways. I do love doing comedies and dramas, too, but the horror genre is the only place where I think you truly find new ways to push yourself- mentally, physically and emotionally.

Dread Central: How did you prepare for the physicality of the shoot then? I was on set last August, and dear god, I have never felt heat like that. Did that affect you at all?

Alexandra Daddario: I knew it was going to be hot, but wow, was it ever hot! Like ungodly hot. It was awful; I mean it was great because it really added something to the atmosphere of the shoot. But I did some Bikram yoga to prepare for all the physical stuff, and once we got down to Shreveport, I just dove right in.

Dread Central: Did John (Luessenhop) give you any notes to help you prepare at all?

Alexandra Daddario: He asked me to watch some Polanski films, and I also watched the original movie, too. I’m scared of horror movies in real life, but I made it through the original Chain Saw; it was rough though (laughs). No, I’m really glad I watched it because I learned so much about these characters, and it was also really cool seeing Gunnar and Marilyn, too, since they’re back for this one but in different roles.

Dread Central: How would you sum up your character Heather and how she fits into this world without, of course, giving too much away for fans out there?

Alexandra Daddario: I think what’s cool about Heather is how she starts off in this as one person, and by the end she’s completely evolved; that’s what really appealed to me about this- Heather was a real character with a real character arc, which is pretty rare in horror. Plus, we’ve got a bunch of the original cast members back and all of us new ‘kids’ so it has enough going for it that it can stand on its own two feet but still is respectful of the vision of the original. I really cannot wait for fans to see this.

Exclusive: Alexandra Daddario Talks Texas Chainsaw 3D and More

Exclusive: Alexandra Daddario Talks Texas Chainsaw 3D and More

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