An Update and Possible Release Info on Joe Lynch’s Knights of Badassdom

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It was during the 2011 Comic-Con that the kick-ass trailer for Knights of Badassdom first appeared, and we’ve been anxiously awaiting the film’s release ever since. What’s the holdup? A rather interesting article on just that subject has appeared online, and we have the highlights here!

John Couture of VideoETA did some digging as to why the only info available regarding the film’s release has been a very vague “coming soon” for months, which, considering the star power involved with the film (it stars the currently red-hot Peter Dinklage from “Game of Thrones,” Ryan Kwanten from “True Blood,” and fanboy favorite Summer Glau), seems pretty absurd.

An Update and Possible Release Info on Joe Lynch's Knights of Badassdom

First he reached out via Twitter to the director, Joe Lynch, who could only say: “Nothing more than “Coming Soon”, sorry! But feel free to contact IndieVest Pictures, it’s in their hands.” Next he turned to Knights of Badassdom producing partner North by Northwest Entertainment, contacting Brad Harland, the CFO of North by Northwest. Sadly, Harland’s response echoed the statement from Joe. North by Northwest Entertainment’s involvement in the picture was limited to production, and the only ones that knew about the status of the film was IndieVest.

Who is IndieVest? Here’s where the waters get a bit murky. An anonymous complaint showed up on the Ripoff Report website that claimed to be from a financial backer of IndieVest. Basically it claimed that the powers in charge of IndieVest were creating a shell company called Media Society so that they could release Knights of Badassdom under that label and stiff the original financial backers of the film with IndieVest.

Backing up a bit, here’s IndieVest’s involvement with Knights of Badassdom: IndieVest is a company that allows individuals to invest in select independent films that they curate. On their “Team Page” IndieVest lists actors Liev Schreiber, Don Cheadle, Tim Blake Nelson, and Mike Binder as being on their “IndieVest Pictures Advisor Board.” Knights of Badassdom is the second film that IndieVest has produced.

So of course John endeavored to get in touch with IndieVest directly in order to get a status update, but his emails to the general contact email addresses on their website went unanswered. He decided to give them a call; it was answered on the second ring. “Media Society,” said the voice on the other end of the phone. John asked if he’d reached IndieVest, and the person who answered assured him that it was indeed the number for both Media Society and IndieVest. As it turns out, the voice on the other end of the line was none other than IndieVest Founder and CEO Wade Bradley, who explained that his new venture, Media Society, was gearing up for its big debut.

The Media Society website went live on September 1st, and the same four people featured on the IndieVest site are listed on Media Society’s site: Wade Bradley, Will Mayall, Jeremy Kopp, and Helen Rosenberg. There is no mention of IndieVest, but they do refer to FilmVest Studios.

Now comes the part we’ve all been waiting for: According to Bradley, Knights of Badassdom is going to be released theatrically in “the first half of 2013.” When pressed for specifics on the release strategy (limited vs. wide release, etc.), he said that the results from test screenings would dictate how wide of a release it would ultimately get. That being said, he was confident that the film would test well and get a proper theatrical release. He said, “The fans will be well-rewarded for their wait,” but they made a conscious decision not to actively engage the fans [up to this point], instead choosing to let the finished product speak for itself – whenever that may be.

As for the reason for the wait, Bradley stated that the film was still in post-production and wasn’t finished yet. To that end, he did reveal that Daniel Heffner was brought in recently to work on the film. Heffner is best known for producing and executive producing the Saw franchise of films.

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Bradley additionally talked a bit about a documentary that is currently in production called Men in Suits, which interviews the men and women who don (or donned) the suits in some of our favorite monster films. In relation to Knights of Badassdom, the documentary includes Douglas Tait, who plays the creature Abominog in the film. They followed Tait from the earliest suit fitting up until the first night of shooting. As for whether we might see any of the footage that was shot of Douglas Tait for Men in Suits on the eventual Knights of Badassdom DVD or Blu-ray, Bradley said that they have had “some discussions” about it. Below is a clip from the Men in Suits Kickstarter page called “First Fitting,” which features Tait having his first fitting in the Abominog suit.

Men in Suits will have its cast and crew screening in October at Son of Monsterpalooza with the DVD release to follow thereafter. For more info on that as well as the full article on VideoETA, be sure to hit the link at the bottom of the page.

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  • Vanvance1

    Interesting insight into all of the financial politics surrounding the film. I hope it does get a release soon and that it’s the film Joe Lynch wanted to make.

    • The Woman In Black

      Yeah, it sounds like a real clusterfuck. Somehow I doubt Joe’s vision is what we’re going to see, but you never know. Stranger things have happened!