A New One-Sheet Lands On the Shoulders of Giants

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It’s been a few months since we’ve heard anything about K. D. Barker’s retro sci-fi/horror film On the Shoulders of Giants, but the director sent over a new one-sheet for the flick today and promised more updates soon.

On the Shoulders of Giants stars Sarah Wood and Adam Lee, and one of the film’s underlying themes is the ‘horror’ of how a technology, once invented with all the best will, can ultimately be put to terrifying destructive use.

In the 23rd century mankind had finally traveled beyond the confines of Earth’s solar system and made contact with intelligent extraterrestrials. New forms of atomic propulsion have finally made space exploration to distant worlds possible.

During starship Andromeda’s maiden voyage its Einstein-Rosen (ER) drive is successfully tested. A vessel equipped with an ER drive is capable of crossing the galaxy in days by traveling through self-generated wormholes. The ER drive was designed by the child science genius N’tron Zepethar.

Fifteen years earlier the starship Leviathan (with Zepethar aboard and propelled by his first version of an ER drive) disappeared on its maiden voyage. As the only other vessel equipped with an operational ER drive, the Andromeda is reassigned to the Leviathan’s rescue mission.

The Andromeda’s crew locate the crashed Leviathan on Theta-25L, a desolate planet 45,000 light years from Earth. Whilst attempting to contact the Leviathan, the Andromeda’s captain is killed. This untimely tragedy imposes the captaincy on Commander Jane Altaire.

After fifteen years on Theta-25L, Zepethar is the sole survivor of the Leviathan’s crew. When Commander Altaire begins searching for answers to the Leviathan’s demise, it soon becomes apparent both Zepethar and Theta-25L harbour terrifying secrets…

On the Shoulders of Giants

On the Shoulders of Giants

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