Monster Trouble HD Anniversary Edition Now Available At The App Store

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Monster Trouble HD Anniversary Edition will allow players to take control of simple country dwellers who must protect their town against fierce hordes of Goblins and Ogres. Read on to learn how you can build up your defenses against the monsters to come!

This high definition, 3D, multi-touch game created by the company that reinvented the TD genre brings real time action and strategy in a fully and smooth 3D addictive game. Move your villagers against monsters. In a world populated by Goblins and Ogres, the country dwellers gather to defend their village from a Horde of monsters that, wave after wave filter out of various caves. You must survive the onslaught to get a chance and move on to the next of 36 levels of fun and strategy.

When it comes to gameplay Monster Trouble you can’t sit down and watch! You have to be faster then monsters to survive. You must build your defenses using a variety of wooden and brick structures position them and populate with a cast of characters ranging from farmers to hunters. When monsters die you have to quickly snatch up the loot they drop before it disappears, and sometime you must take action by dropping some sort of grenade and blow the little guy up.

Monster Trouble HD a unique game because it allows for some great player interaction. You have to quickly snatch up loots that monsters drop before they disappear, and sometimes you have to kill enemies by yourself. Dropping a potion on an enemy it turns into a sort of grenade and blows the little monster up or if you drop it on a villager the potions will heal it. You can also move your arsenal of characters from tower to tower when the need arises and position empty towers in a strategic way so to defend a territory with few villagers. It’s a key part of the game’s strategy. Let’s not reveal all of the amazing gameplay features and leave to the player the enjoyment.

You can visit the official App Store to learn more or download the game.

Monster Trouble HD Anniversary Edition Now Available At The App Store

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