Go Insane for the Trailer for Greystone Park

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Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned horror flick that’s set in an insane asylum? Odds are pretty good that if you’re here reading this, you’re likely to dig this kind of terror tale, but if you need even more convincing, check out the trailer.

From the Press Release:
Greystone Park (formerly Graystone) is the feature directorial debut by Sean Stone, which will be available on VOD on September 13th and on DVD on October 16th through XLrator Media.

Based on true events, the film follows three aspiring filmmakers trying to document unexplainable events in an abandoned insane asylum known as Greystone Park. Urban legend has it that anyone who ventures into the forsaken hospital will suffer the consequences and face their own horrors. The trio stumble across a mysterious realm of escaped patients, ghosts, and demonic shadows as they try to uncover the truth behind Greystone Park.

The film stars Sean Stone, Oliver Stone, Alexander Wraith, Antonella Lentini, John Schramm, Monique Zordan, and Monique Van Vooren and was written by Stone and Wraith.

Look for more soon!

Go Insane for the Trailer for Greystone Park

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Steve Barton

You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.

  • Vanvance1

    I like the poster. I love ghosts in asylums. It’s a cliche but I admit I can’t resist it.

    I hate ‘based on a true story or based on real events’ taglines.

    I absolutely loathe and can no longer abide piss poor camera work. It’s distracting and it pulls me out of the movie. Also, maybe it’s because this trailer is presented in 360P, but the washed out colours and crappy video quality are unacceptable in a day and age where a $200 point and shoot camera can give you better video.

    Directors: GROW UP. If your style is your substance and your style is a shaky obscured 90 minutes of visual vomit, it’s time to admit you lack talent for the field of movie making. Pack it in and go get a job at McDonalds.