Is Warner Bros. Prepping a Prequel to The Shining?

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Is Warner Bros. Prepping a Prequel to The Shining?Here’s a bit of news we didn’t see coming — Warner Bros. is apparently exploring the possibility of a prequel to The Shining, the 1980 Stanley Kubrick film based on the 1977 horror novel of the same name by Stephen King.

According to the LA Times, a person familiar with the project who was not authorized to talk about it publicly told them the studio has solicited the involvement of Hollywood writer-producer Laeta Kalogridis (Shutter Island) and her partners Bradley Fischer and James Vanderbilt to craft a new take as producers.

The film would focus on what happened before Jack Torrance, his wife, and their psychic son arrived at the haunted retreat where Torrance soon descends into violent madness. A WB spokeswoman cautioned that any Shining prequel is in a very early stage and not even formally in development.

Who knows what will come of it, but you can be sure we’ll be keeping our eyes and ears open for more info. And let’s not forget that King himself has a Shining sequel on its way (titled Doctor Sleep) that could also be optioned for a film at some point down the road.

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  • shallowcuts

    so in the “prequel” all the tv sets in the motel are on the same channel and ed mcmahon is on all of them saying “heeeeeeres johnny!!”
    then have a guest in the motel actually conveniently exposition about who johnny carson was.

  • Shambling_in_Bandages

    Great. Now we can finally get the much-needed backstory on the pig-mask blowjob scene. What terrible events led up to that blowjob? Finally, all shall be revealed.

  • JB Demented

    You know it might not be a bad idea if done correctly and with good casting. But I wont hold My breath. And whens Warner going to make with the damm FT13th sequal already?

  • jkincer

    There is nothing left to cover in a prequel, just leave it be.

  • Terminal

    You mean we’ll be seeing a feature length movie of what we already know happened in The Shining? How redundant.

  • Vanvance1

    I’m trying to decide which word I hate more, remake or prequel.

    I think I’ll go with prequel because it functionally means a remake but is deceptive in use.

    i.e. The Thing PREQUEL. Ha ha ha.