The Original Clash of the Titans Headed to Blu-ray

Oh, happy day! Imagine if you will the Ray Harryhausen epic in eye-popping 1080p high definition viewing! Medusa! The Kraken! Burgess Meredith's Beard! All in stunning detail!

Warner Home Video announced today that the original Clash of the Titans will be hitting Blu-ray on March 2nd, 2010 in a special 40-page book edition. Special features include:

  • A Conversation with Ray Harryhausen featurette
  • Maps of Myths and Monsters Gallery
  • Trailers of this 1981 Original and the 2010 Version
  • Exclusive photo booklet of the new Clash of the Titans

    Check out the artwork below courtesy of DVD Active.

    Before history and beyond imagination! The machinations of gods above and the fates of man and monsters here below play out in a Clash of the Titans. Decades prior to the sensational 2010 version of the tale, Harry Hamlin took up sword and shield to play valorous Perseus, mortal son of Zeus (Laurence Olivier) who sets out to fulfill his destiny by rescuing beloved Andromeda from the wrath of goddess Thetis (Maggie Smith). Perils await Perseus time and again. And eye-filling thrills await viewers as stop-motion effects legend Ray Harryhausen (Jason and the Argonauts) unleashes snake-haired Medusa, fearsome Kraken, winged Pegasus, two-headed dog Dioskilos, giant scorpions and more. Rejoice, fantasy fans: the movie gods gift us with adventure that’s innovative, heroic, titanic.

    The Original Clash of the Titans Headed to Blu-ray

    - Uncle Creepy

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    Heather Buckley's picture

    I demand more extras.

    Submitted by Heather Buckley on Tue, 12/01/2009 - 11:39pm.
    kiddcapone's picture

    As much as I love Clash of the Titans, I'm nervous what a Hi-Def version might look like. I hope we don't see strings and hands moving the stop-motion claymation...the movie is amazing, but the f/x, not-so-much. I for one cannot wait to see the updated version. I just hope they keep the story true to the original.

    Submitted by kiddcapone on Tue, 12/01/2009 - 3:20pm.
    moderator Not to worry man, I have
    Steve Barton's picture

    Not to worry man, I have other Harryhausen flicks on Blu-ray and they look incredible.

    Submitted by Steve Barton on Tue, 12/01/2009 - 8:36pm.
    Rottenjesus's picture


    Hi-def Bubo, bitches!

    Submitted by Rottenjesus on Tue, 12/01/2009 - 2:52pm.
    frank_dracman's picture

    Right there with you, Gorebath.

    Submitted by frank_dracman on Tue, 12/01/2009 - 1:51pm.

    That pic of Medusa gives me a stoner.

    Submitted by gorebath on Tue, 12/01/2009 - 1:08pm.
    Floydian Trip's picture


    Submitted by Floydian Trip on Tue, 12/01/2009 - 10:31am.

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