DVD Releases: Nov. 24, 2009: Throw The Witches Hammer at The Fiend with a Silent Scream

A handful of this week's releases came out a day early -- on the 23rd instead of the 24th -- but even so, there aren't a lot of familiar names to choose from. The picks of the week are two Blu-rays: My Bloody Valentine (Special Edition) and The Monster Squad (20th Anniversary Edition). If you don't have the tech yet for those, then read on for what you might want to put on your shopping list.

Illustrated film Godkiller releases its second episode on the 24th, and fans of classic horror won't want to miss out on the 1980 slasher Silent Scream. Japanese film lovers have a lot to pick from among Devilman, Ichi 1, and Blood: The Last Vampire (the animated version). Take a few moments to look over the rest -- there's bound to be one hidden gem among them!

- Debi Moore

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moderator Silent Scream review will be
Steve Barton's picture

Silent Scream review will be up later in the day!

Submitted by Steve Barton on Mon, 11/23/2009 - 4:35pm.
frank_dracman's picture

Who in the bloodly hell said Philosophy of a Knife is "one of the most violent, brutal and harrowing films ever made"? I thought we all agreed it was a piece of shit.

Guess I'll be buying Silent Scream.

Submitted by frank_dracman on Mon, 11/23/2009 - 3:32pm.
moderator I think they just quoted us
Debi Moore's picture

I think they just quoted us quoting them. In one of our earliest stories about the film, Butane wrote: "Being touted as one of the most violent, brutal and harrowing films ever made ..." Hilarious!

Submitted by Debi Moore on Mon, 11/23/2009 - 3:38pm.
fceurich39's picture

got silent scream today and tomorrow i'll get blu-rays of monster squad/my bloody valentine and i might get reborn which is a sequel to a movie called machined which was okay

Submitted by fceurich39 on Mon, 11/23/2009 - 3:24pm.
Gus Bjork's picture

Would you mind sharing your thoughts on Silent Scream here (or the forums) after you view? I'm interested in how in held up.

Submitted by Gus Bjork on Mon, 11/23/2009 - 3:27pm.
moderator The review is live!
Steve Barton's picture

The review is live!

Submitted by Steve Barton on Mon, 11/23/2009 - 7:29pm.

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