Suspense Thriller Cornered Enters Production

We recently received an update on the upcoming indie suspense thriller entitled Cornered, which is slated for completion in January, 2010. It was written by Hunter G. Williams and Kevin Duane Carson and is described as "a journey through 'the darkness of murder' and into the heart of a serial killer, who will not stop until all the players are killed."

The film, which is being is directed by Taylor Chien (G.S.I.: Ghost Services International), marks the second appearance of Ricky Onsgard as a villain (he also appeared in Chien's G.S.I.). As well as being the co-writer of Cornered, Hunter G. Williams is the central lead in the film (aka Detective Brant) and the star of at least four upcoming feature films, all in the thriller genre, to be released in 2010. In fact, due to Hunter's busy schedule, Cornered is on a brief hiatus while he finishes up one of his other projects, which will also enable the production crew to re-cast some of the lead females with more recognizable actresses.

Here's a synopsis:

This is the Stranger's game: All exits are rigged with explosives, and there is only one safe way out. The Stranger will give clues to the correct exit as he stalks Janette in the darkness of her own house. He has cut the power and has only given Janette two rounds in a gun, a low powered flashlight, and a dull knife to escape the confines of his puzzle. The entire house will explode in 45 minutes if she cannot solve the Stranger's game!

According to the Stranger's own rules he can only kill her in the last ten minutes; before that he will only torment her and hinder her efforts to free herself. A sinister looking knife is his primary tool of torture as he silently moves in closer to Janette's frantically beating heart. To survive Janette must either kill the Stranger or decode his clues before she and her house are destroyed in a baptism of fire.

Below are three stills from the film as well as one of the posters. Keep it here for more as it comes, including a trailer, which we expect to see in its finished form shortly.

Indie film Cornered directed by Taylor Chien

Indie film Cornered directed by Taylor Chien

Indie film Cornered directed by Taylor Chien

Indie film Cornered directed by Taylor Chien

- Debi Moore

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