First Clip and Announcement – The Ghost of Goodnight Lane

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Writer/director Alin Bijan just posted a new video on YouTube that’s home to a special announcement for his new film, The Ghost of Goodnight Lane, as well as a clip involving the always lovely Danielle Harris in a bit of a tussle! Dig it!

From the Press Release:
Dallas-based and award-winning production company Media World Studios, in association with FTG Media, began filming their newest SAG feature film, “Ghost of Goodnight Lane”, starring Billy Zane (Titanic), Lacey Chabert (Mean Girls), Danielle Harris (Halloween), Matt Dallas (Kyle XY) and Richard Tyson (Black Hawk Down), on August 8th in Dallas, Texas.

Written and directed by industry mainstay Alin Bijan, the new horror film is inspired by real events occurring at Bijan’s Texas production company, Media World Studios. “We’ve known for a long time we had a ghost here in the studio,” says Bijan. “Over the years we kept a running log, kind of a diary, to document incidents as they occurred.”

Bijan went on to say it had never been his intention to create a movie based on the documented incidents that occur on a weekly basis. Staff and visitors experienced visions of an unknown man, heavy equipment moving on its own, and even an invisible slap to the face.

It wasn’t until 2010, when paranormal activity investigators confirmed the presence of paranormal activity in the studio, that Bijan began to think he might have the makings of a fantastic horror film.

A team of investigators found the studio to be “haunted” based on results from field tests and recorded electronic voice phenomena (EVP).

“A horror film about a haunted movie studio, that’s being shot in the same studio where the story was inspired, immediately creates buzz that cannot be manufactured. We couldn’t resist being involved,” states J. D. Sanders, whose FTG Media Group serves as the new independent film’s executive producer.

Bijan’s movie studio and its resident paranormals have been abuzz for weeks with staff and crew involved in pre-production on the new film. Bijan points out, “Pre-production for this film is a little different than most, especially when it comes to scouting for locations. Since this film is based on paranormal incidents here in the same studio, 90% of our film will be shot right here!”

Thanks to DC reader Logan for the head’s up!

First Clip and Announcement - The Ghost of Goodnight Lane

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