David O’Reilly Gets Possessed

One of the many cool things about Paranormal Activity's success is that the supernatural subgenre is roaring back in a big way. I’m sure every major studio in Hollywood is looking through their scripts to find comparable material. Overseas the doors are opening as well with one such flick, The Possession of David O'Reilly, well under way!

The supernatural “mockudrama” follows a young couple in their London flat as they're besieged by some unknown entity. We don't know much else about this one yet, other than it's coming from writer/director Andrew Cull with Giles Anderson, Francesca Fowler and Nicolas Shaw in starring roles. Watch this space, though, as we'll keep you updated on the plight of poor David O'Reilly.

With the huge success of Paranormal Activity, my only hope is that filmmakers don't decide that every film has to be done in that
"documentary" style. I do want more supernatural horror, though, so will be looking forward to this one.

- MattFini

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