Bill Moseley Talks About Rolling Down the Rogue River

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Genre favorite Bill Moseley is once again bringing his one-of-a-kind abilities to an upcoming horror film. Moseley stars in the movie Rogue River, which is due to hit DVD on June 5. Read on to hear from the man himself!

Moseley recently took the time to sit down with Dread Central and tell us all about Rogue River and some of his other intriguing upcoming projects as well.

Bill Moseley Talks About Rolling Down the Rogue River

Moseley remarked that working on Rogue River was especially fulfilling for him because of one of his co-stars. “I knew what I was getting into,” Moseley said.“It was the first time I’d ever worked with my girlfriend, Lucinda Jenney, who plays Lea. That was a lot of fun.

“I got the job and my manager, Judy Fox, said they haven’t yet cast Lea and she asked, ‘What about Lucinda?'” Moseley said. “Well, Lucinda has a lot more and better credits than I do, so I didn’t know if she’d be into it, but I ran it by her and at first she said, ‘No, that’s your world.’ But after reading the script she said she would do it.”

The month long shoot was an enjoyable one for Moseley. “It was great working with Jourdan McClure who directed the film,” Moseley said. “We actually shot on the Rogue River outside of Grant’s Pass, Oregon, in Jourdan’s family house. My dressing room was his boyhood bedroom. There was a strong family feeling to the film.”

As audiences will see upon viewing Rogue River the movie definitely contains some unique, disturbing imagery. “The script by Ryan Finnerty and Kevin Haskins was very good,” Moseley said. “Jourdan was a fun director and we collaborated to make the scenes even more intense and he was a lot of fun in doing that. Some of the scenes were improvised based on the characters created by Ryan and Kevin.

“In certain scenes we did a lot of improvising with encouragement from Jourdan,” Moseley said. “It was certainly fun doing that. I enjoyed working with Lucinda because, as a couple…I’ve lived with her for many years…I know how evil she is. And it’s surprising how quickly we get right into creepy.”

Focusing on one of the more prominent scenes of the film, Moseley said, “There was one scene where it’s literally a shotgun wedding. I’m about to take Mara (Michelle Page) in for the nuptials and there wasn’t really a catchphrase line to really move the scene along. I was trying to pick a line…I’ve had a few catchphrases in my day. As I was thinking about it, Michelle turned to me and said, ‘Let’s say…’Let’s get you fucked.’ I was like man, that’s major league. That is Michelle Page one-hundred percent and I was in such love and awe of her at that moment. I was like that’s what it’s about. When you’re doing any kind of collaborative project, there is that moment where either you, or the people you’re working with, find that moment of clarity. It is so exciting. My hat is off to Michelle for that magic moment.”

And although Moseley isn’t usually known for wearing tons of make-up in his roles, he was left especially exposed in much of Rogue River. “Not only was I without makeup, but I spent a lot of time walking around in these tidy whities,” Moseley said. “So it wasn’t just my face out there, it was pretty much all of me. And it was cold. We shot it in the dead of winter. But after awhile, walking around in my underpants became second nature.”

Additionally, Moseley has some new projects for fans to get excited about, like The Devil’s Carnival and Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D. “The Devil’s Carnival is kinda like son of Repo! (The Genetic Opera). For me I was very happy to get the part of The Magician,” Moseley said. “I had to audition. I had to sing, so god bless my voice teacher. I’ve been taking vocal lessons for 18 years. It’s great to work with (director) Darren Bousman again. I’ve worked with him on The Tortured, Repo! and now The Devil’s Carnival. I love Darren. He’s probably one of, if not my favorite director to work with. Anytime he’s doing something…and Terrance Zdunich. It’s fun to work with these guys. I always have a blast. They’re doing 37 cities in 45 days with The Devil’s Carnival, another kinda Repo! road show.”

Also, it appears like Moseley will be back to play The Magician again in another chapter of The Devil’s Carnival. “I was told they’ve already written episode two. So, instead of treating it like a feature film, they’re treating it more episodic. I was told they want The Magician to come back so I’m very excited about that.”

And next year, fans will get to see Moseley return to the franchise that launched it all for him. “I am in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D, all 3Ds of me,” Moseley said. “In fact, I play Drayton Sawyer, taking over for the dearly departed Jim Siedow. We shot it last summer in Louisiana. It was very hot and humid, but the production was really a lot of fun. I saw a lot of my old pals. Gunnar Hansen is in it, and Marilyn Burns is in it. John Dugan, who played the original grandpa is back to reprise his role as grandpa. It was an awesome experience.” Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D is scheduled for release in January 2013.

And, as always, Moseley can be seen on the horror festival circuit, and loves to hear from the fans. Track him down at the event nearest you and give him some love!

Bill Moseley Talks About Rolling Down the Rogue River

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