Lars Von Trier has Melancholia

Neil Marshall is Ready to Burst!If anything, Danish director Lars Von Trier’s gamut of film choices are always interesting. I haven’t seen Antichrist yet, but I’m dying to. But while we in the States wait patiently for that film to open, Von Trier is already off and running with his next film.

According to Variety, the director’s next film is Melancholia, a psychological drama and disaster movie. Title refers to Planet Melancholia, an enormous planet illustrated on the press release that looms threateningly close to Earth. "No more happy endings!" commented Lars von Trier, who will direct from his own screenplay.

Further plot details are being kept under wraps, but producer Pater Aalbake Jensen had this to say about the film: "As a disaster movie, Melancholia will use some special effects, but nothing compared to Hollywood."

I guess that’s probably because Roland Emmerich’s 2012 already used them all.

- MattFini

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Whenever von Trier decides to make a genre film (or TV series) he has my undivided attention.

Submitted by Caterpillar on Fri, 10/09/2009 - 4:57pm.

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