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Dark Shadows Gets Staked at the Box Office



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Dark Shadows Gets Staked at the Box OfficeLast night I attended a midnight screening of Dark Shadows. Opening weekend of a big budget Tim Burton/Johnny Depp movie, and there were all of seven people in the theater, myself included. Yeah, that’s not a good sign.

This was a great weekend at the box office if your movie was called The Avengers. The Marvel superhero dream team mega blockbuster broke box office records last weekend for highest opening weekend of all time with over $200 million, and this weekend it broke even more records, becoming the first film to make over $100 million in its second weekend.

The only thing Dark Shadows broke was hearts. The hearts of diehard fans of the late Sixties Gothic soap opera upset to see their beloved program made into a big screen comedy. The hearts of “Dark Shadows” fans Johnny Depp and Tim Burton, who had hoped audience would flock to a film that both paid loving tribute to the show while poking fun at its inherent campiness. And the hearts of Warner Brothers, as they spent reportedly somewhere between $150-$175 million producing Dark Shadows, and the opening weekend take probably won’t even cover the marketing expenses.

Despite the name brand that is “A Tim Burton Film” and starring Johnny Depp, generally regarded as one of the only movie stars who can truly open an event film, Dark Shadows underperformed with a highly disappointing $28.5 million second place finish for the weekend, so sayeth Box Office Mojo.

I’m sure many questions will be asked as to why Dark Shadows didn’t open better than it did. Was it because “Dark Shadows” isn’t really that well known to today’s moviegoers? Was it because of the middling reviews? Was it because Warner Brothers waited so late to even so much as put out a trailer for it? Was it because everyone still had Avengers fever and weren’t interested in a Goth vampire fish-out-of-water comedy? Was it because horror comedies are such a hard sell that even the combined box office might of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp couldn’t make it a hit? Was it because people just didn’t like what they were seeing in previews?

I’ll leave that debate to you and the executives at Warner Brother, who, no doubt, are crossing their fingers that Depp is a big enough box office powerhouse internationally to not make Dark Shadows a financial boondoggle.

Speaking of financial boondoggle’s relying on international box office, Battleship sets sail at American theaters next weekend. Word-of-mouth from those that have already seen it overseas is not good at all, and the film is tracking softly, not boding well for its opening weekend. How many headlines next week will feature some variation of the “you sank my battleship” line?

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Watch a City Come Together and a Monster Created in These Videos From The Sinking City



I’ve been keeping a very close eye on Frogwares’ The Sinking City, which is a 3rd person horror adventure that takes place in a world that is as inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes as it is by H.P. Lovecraft and his eldritch terrors. While still early in development, the team is beginning to share some pretty incredible things out of their offices (like these creepy statues) to keep the public up-to-date as well as show them just how much work goes into creating something so expansive and fascinating.

Today, I want to bring you a taste of the world that Frogwares is building through two videos. The first shows the process by which they created the actual city that the game takes place in. Obviously trying to hand create each and every building is a tedious process at best, nigh-well impossible task at its most realistic. Rather than attempt such a monumental undertaking, the team created a program that will build the city based on criteria that they set forth. It’s a very clever solution to a very real problem and the end result still feels like their personal touch is all over it.

The second video is a 3D time lapse of a monster as it goes from rough shape to a highly detailed, grotesquely designed monstrosity that is nothing short of nightmarish. It’s a chance to see how an artist creates something phenomenal from something so simple, each step adding a new layer of sickening, yet fascinating, macabre horror.

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Jim Carrey and The Grinch Go Beyond Whoville



Dr. Suess’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas is a regular holiday staple in many households, including my own. The cartoon is just brilliant; and truth be told, the live action film captured a great deal of the magic infused within the original tale due in no small part to an electric and manic portrayal of the title character by Jim Carrey.

A new video has surfaced courtesy of Nerdist that’s a joyous play on the Netflix flick Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond – Featuring a Very Special, Contractually Obligated Mention of Tony Clifton. Check it out below. It’s SO worth your time.

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The Crucifixion Review – Should’ve Left This One Nailed to the Cross



Starring Sophie Cookson, Corneliu Ulici, Ada Lupu

Directed by Xavier Gens

Claiming to be inspired by actual events, director Xavier Gens’ The Crucifixion forgoes the affecting shocks and awes, and instead beats its audience into the ground with a laundry-list of ho-hum dialogue and lesser-than-stellar instances…forget the priest, I need a friggin’ Red Bull.

A 2005 case is spotlighted, and it revolves around a psychotically damaged woman of the cloth (nun for all you laymen) who priests believed was inhabited by ol’ Satan himself. With one rogue priest in command who firmly believed that this was the work of something satanic, the nun was subject to a horrific exorcism in which she was chained to a cross and basically left to die, which ultimately resulted in the priest being stripped of his collar and rosary…how tragic. Enter an overzealous New York reporter (Cookson) who is intently focused upon traveling to Romania to get the scoop on the botched undertaking. After her arrival, the only point of view that seems to keep sticking with interviewees is that the man who sat close to the lord killed a helpless, innocent and stricken woman, that is until she meets up with another nun and a village priest – and their claims are of something much more sinister.

From there, the battle between good and evil rages…well, let me rephrase that: it doesn’t exactly “rage” – instead, it simmers but never boils. Unfortunately for those who came looking for some serious Father Karras action will more than likely be disappointed. The performances border on labored with cursory characters, and outside of some beautiful cinematography, this one failed to chew out of its five-point restraints.

I’d normally prattle on and on about this and that, just to keep my word limit at a bit of a stretch, but with this particular presentation, there just isn’t much to bore you all with (see what I just did there). Gens certainly had the right idea when constructing this film according to blueprints…but it’s like one of those pieces of Wal-Mart furniture that when you open the box, all you can find are the instructions that aren’t in your language – wing and a prayer…but we all know what prayers get you, don’t we, Father?

My advice to all who come seeking some hellacious activity – stick to The Exorcist and you’ll never be let down.

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The Crucifixion is one of those films that needs the help of the man above in order to raise its faith, but I think he might have been out to lunch when this one came around.

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