Boston Film Family’s Scrooge in the Hood Tickles Your Paranormal Funny Bone

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Beantown filmmaker Richard Chandler’s Boston Film Family has been producing low-budget independent films for eight years. Their most recent offering, Scrooge in the Hood, sounds like a blending of Charles Dickens and Dolemite.

Check out the trailer below for Scrooge in the Hood. It’s loaded with ghosts, blood, guns and general bad behavior. The film stars George Raynor, Tina Krause, Seregon O’Dassey, Peter Morse, Kassandre Casame, Bill Jacques, Todd Therrien, Alexander Hauck and Chandler himself appears as the always creepy ghost of Christmas Yet To Come.

Boston Film Family has five feature films under their belt Our Kingdom Come, Sons of Perdition, Heaven and Hell, Legless and now Scrooge in the Hood which was released late last year. The BFF has also produced a collection of shorts, including Hangar 18.

For more on Boston Film Family and Scrooge in the Hood (yeah, we know it’s May, but won’t you be sick of Christmas movies when December rolls around? We figured we’d tell you about it now so it sticks in your mind better when you’re not being bombarded with mistletoe and tinsel) check out the official > Boston Film Family Facebook page .

From the Press Release
Scrooge in the Hood premiered in Boston, MA last holiday season, and is an R-rated parody of Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol. Those that do not enjoy crude humor, profanity and prostitutes need not apply… But fans of the Hangover or Old School should enjoy this outlandish romp.

The film includes elements of the 1970s blaxplotation films, such as Coffey and Foxy Brown, with a modern twist. Cockton, a fictional crime-ridden town, is where our heartwarming story takes place. The Jewish mafia has decided to steal Scrooge’s whoring business and ruin Christmas; all the while Scrooge is visited by the three ghosts of Christmas, who attempt to show him the errors of his ways.

Scream queen Tina Krause also appears in the film as the love interest of one of Scrooge’s thugs. Tina’s character has a…well, something stuck in her…yeah. The film is classy like that. Also, Seregon O’Dassey stars as the drunken British lesbian version of the Ghost of Christmas Past. Working with both ladies was a blast as usual. And of course, George Raynor as Scrooge- couldn’t have found a better pimp daddy in all of Cockton!

Boston Film Family's Scrooge in the Hood Tickles Your Paranormal Funny Bone

Boston Film Family's Scrooge in the Hood Tickles Your Paranormal Funny Bone

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