More Horror on DVD this Fall from Palisades Tartan

Sheitan (click for larger image) Ah, Halloween! It's like Christmas for the horror fan, only you've got to run out and buy all the goodies yourself. And so many damn titles are released in the September/October window that you often find yourself turning tricks or performing favors just to keep up with it all. At least I do.

Anyway, Palisades Tartan has announced a few more titles that will help prospective buyers part with their hard-earned cash.

On October 13th you'll find Tartan's first box set, the Terror Pack, a collection of three already released titles: Carved - The Slit-Mouth Woman, Slaughter Night and, my favorite, Sheitan (Vincent Cassel rules!).

Due on October 27th is The Butcher: A small group of people lie battered and bound on the floor of a dirty slaughterhouse covered in blood. Scared and confused, they soon learn their captors are snuff film producers and plan to torture them as creatively and heinously as possible before brutally killing them off one–by-one. Each scene is shot from either the killer or victim’s point of view in order to fully capture the emotional torment of the prey and the unspeakable acts that will be perpetrated on their captive bodies.

No pricing has been released as of yet, but I think we all have a good idea of what to expect. So start pinching those pennies now, and if you've got to start hooking just to make your horror ends meet, find your own damn corner. This one's mine!

- MattFini

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I wonder if they are going to re-release all of Tatran's films? If so I'd totally bedown for a REAL special edition of Tetsuo: the Iron Man!

Submitted by Vermithrax on Thu, 07/16/2009 - 11:17pm.

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