World War Z Gets New Screenwriter

World War Z (click for larger image)Like many others, we have been wondering just what the hell has been going on with the big screen adaptation of Max Brook's stellar novel World War Z (review here). Finally there's some news to sink our teeth into!

The author sat down with Fangoria Radio recently and dropped the following on them:

Now taking on the adaptation reins is Matthew Michael Carnahan, a specialist in political thrillers whose credits include STATE OF PLAY and THE KINGDOM. "He’s one of Hollywood’s hot A-list writers, so if they went after him and paid him a mountain of gold, it definitely shows their confidence in this project," Brooks said on the show. "They say it’s a positive move because they’re very excited, but the truth is, it’s also positive because they just paid him a buttload of money, and [with] the money they paid him, the money they paid Straczynski and they money they’ve paid me, they’ve really dug themselves a deep hole, so they better make this thing!”

Keep it here for more as it comes!

- Uncle Creepy

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