Platinum Dunes in Talks to Take the Reins of Latest Halloween Film

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Platinum Dunes in Talks to Take the Reins of Latest Halloween FilmWe’ve been hearing rumors surrounding the latest installment of the Halloween franchise since early last week, and now it seems as if there could be something concrete to report upon. And no, this is NOT an April Fool’s joke.

According to Bloody Disgusting, Platinum Dunes is one of the companies Dimension is speaking with to take the reins of the franchise. It’s still unclear whether or not Dimension wants to continue the Rob Zombie storyline (such as it was) or just go with another reboot altogether.

Platinum Dunes is shopping for writers and directors right now so it doesn’t sound as if Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer will be the ones working on the next installment. Of course other than the fact that Dimension is talking with Platinum Dunes among other companies, there’s really nothing solid to report as of yet.

We’ll keep an eye on things.

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  • DavidFullam

    Bay plan for Halloween. EXPLOSIONS, EXPLOSIONS, EXPLOSIONS, EXPLOSIONS!!! Each progressively louder and more deafening than the rest!

  • jkincer

    ehhhh, so PD is going for the complete sweep of all the 80’s icons? Have we heard if they are behind the Child’s Play remake as well? I hope this deal falls through as I thought all of the PD remakes have been some of the worst trash ever unleashed on the world. If they do get this we will see Michael bathed in lens flares and shitty color tints, rapid fire cuts with strobe lights and the most dull pointless script possible.

    I have mixed feelings on the RZ Halloween movies, I think the first one got caught in between a faithful remake and ‘re-imagine’ and the second went over the top trying to separate itself from the OG series. For all of their faults at least they tried to be something new. I have no faith that a PD production will be anything but Halloween Resurrection revisited. Get ready for Drake karate chopping MM.

  • kiddcapone


  • Masked Slasher

    Hopefully Dimension sells the rights off. But not to the Dunes.

    That’s what I’m hoping for. HalloweeN shouldn’t be a hard series to get back on track. Dimension killed it, nobody else.

    If Platinum Dunes end up making the next one, I’m inclined to agree that it couldn’t be any worse than Rob Zombie’s atrocities. That doesn’t mean it won’t be terrible, however.

  • James Coker

    this is the most depressing horror news in the last few years 🙁

  • LSD Zombie

    God no. And so the sodomy of our favorite slasher icons continues…..

  • Genrewriter

    Okay, who the hell said “It can’t possibly get any worse than the last one, right?” Haven’t we learned by this point how dangerous it is to tempt fate?

    • Terminal

      I said it, and I meant it. How can they get worse than Rob Zombie’s cinematic abortions? H2 was pseudo intellectual dribble for a crowd of people who want to pretend slasher movies are arthouse fare, and Halloween was a jumbled ridiculous mess. Trust me, it can’t get any worse if the Platinum Dunes hack factory gets ahold of Mike.

      • Sirand

        Platinum Dunes will make a worse movie than Rob Zombie. They’ve already done it time and time again.

        Zombie’s films may have been woefully misguided but at least he CARED about what he was making. Dunes will just throw together the most soulless, glossy, cash-cow product they can and not give two shits about it the entire time they’re making it.

        • Cinemascribe

          “Zombie’s films may have been woefully misguided but at least he CARED about what he was making. ”

          Maybe for the remake itself..but not with H2.

          I won’t lie: I actually enjoyed H2 to a degree on a strictly visual, visceral level. What that movie had going for it is the same quality that makes me come back and watch Zombie’s latest movies at all, even if the previous effort was underwhelming- the fact that he can, like no other director I’ve seen since Lucio Fulci, visually stage sequences that are the cinematic equivalent of staring through a window directly into the bowels of Hell. In Zombie’s films, even if the overall film suffers as a narrative , he still demonstrates a real knack for cultivating an almost suffocating atmosphere of oppressive terror through the use of lighting, the use of the camera as a witness to the atrocities taking place and the fact that he isn’t afraid to violate a few taboos.

          But as writer he’s always been fairly weak and with H2 it became clear that he wasn’t even trying. That was literally one of the worst written films I have ever seen. The screenplay was ludicrous. A guy bleeding to death while repeating the word “fuck” some twenty times is a sign that Zombie had nothing new to bring to this series. And reducing Malcolm McDowell’s Loomis- easily the standout character of Zombie’s remake – to nothing more than a useless ,overextended walk on was one of the most intense cinematic “what the fuck” moments I’ve ever experienced. You could cut every single one of Loomis’s scenes from H2 , replace him with Brad Dourif in the final conflagration at the shack at the end and not only would the movie be twenty minutes shorter, it would flow more smoothly.

          So, no, sorry. Gotta strenuously disagree here. Zombie may have cared during the first go round, but that second time? He clearly didn’t give much of a shit.

        • Terminal

          @Sirand: Zombie cared about what he was making? Oh give me a break. Are people still on this delusion that Zombie didn’t take the Halloween jobs for the money, and that it was some artistic choice? Come on, Sirand. Even you don’t buy that bullshit.

          You can actually sit through Zombieween and H2 and seriously tell me Zombie cared about what he was making? Seriously? The first movie is so painfully badly written with plot holes galore, and in the final half he merely squeezes in a truncated remake of the original film, while H2 is pseudo-arthouse dribble clearly made by a man still not sure of Michael was some serial killer or a paranormal figure.

          Zombie completely demystified Myers. His films are nothing but a parade of people he knows, making cameos, while he doles out tired trailer trash cliches and set pieces in a movie series that shouldn’t have them in the first place.

          People calling these movies bold and daring and artistic really should step back and stop giving Zombie little breaks here and there. If it were any other filmmaker, you know you’d be roasting them over a stake. If it were Paul Anderson or Jonathan Liebesman, you’d be holding them up against their poor narrative choices. But Rob Zombie knows a lot of horror insiders, so suddenly he was brave and bold for remaking classic films.

          It’s tired.

          If people would stop being so fake and disingenuous they’d call a spade a spade. Zombie took a big payday that afforded him the opportunity to make more movies with the studio. He jumped through hoops to get a treat. If I was a struggling filmmaker offered a chance to remake a film for a huge chunk of change, I would take it. And so would you. And it’s not artistic, it’s hackery, but unfortunately hacks rule the film world.

          Platinum Dunes can’t do any worse than Zombie, and that’s a cold hard fact. You can’t add stink to a shit pile.

  • theGoldenSimatar

    I’m waiting for tomorrow to see if this pans out (somehow I’m itching that this is an April Fools) but if it is true; I’m not feeling it.

    I genuinely liked Zombie’s first film and there were elements of the second film I also liked. Say what you will, I think he’s quite interested and invested in telling his stories to the best of his abilities. While he does put some gritty-documentary flourish onto them; I really feel Zombie is a story/character driven director.

    Conversely, what I’ve seen out of Platinum Dunes has been a slate of films, that from a technical perspective are competent and sometimes visually pleasing; overall the stories aren’t well told. Nispel, Liebesman, Bayer etc. have all been more interested in their visuals than they have been in being story tellers. Then again, I found NOES the most boring of the lot; that could have looked brilliant but instead it looked bland.

    I think the closest they got to a decent film was Amityville Horror. I admit to finding some amusement in Hitcher, only because Sean Bean is one of my all time favorite actors.

  • Terminal

    They can’t do any worse than Rob Zombie.

  • Sirand

    “So you like to hate on Rob Zombie, huh? We’ll give you something to REALLY bitch about!” – Fuller & Form

  • LifeMi

    It wasn’t bad enough that Platinum Dunes is raping the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, now they’re trying to get their filthy paws on Halloween. Hasn’t Michael suffered enough already? Leave the poor guy alone.