Jacob Cooney Releases Zombie Fiesta: Volume I eBook

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We’ve previously mentioned Jacob Cooney here on the site in connection with his film projects, but now he’s released a new eBook called Zombie Fiesta: Volume I, which was created out of his hate for writer’s block… and affection for the undead.

From the Press Release:
I like to write. I write for work, I write for fun, I write for myself and sometimes… if I’m lucky… I get paid to write for other people. So I guess you can say I spend most my days behind a computer, hopefully putting words on the page that will entertain the reader, the director, the producer or whoever else I’m hoping my work will reach.

Then there’s those days when writer’s block hits. You have nothing. The brain is dark, silent. The cursor stares back, blinking… winking at you from the white wash of the empty Word DOC on your computer screen. With every blip your blood boils, building until you can’t take it anymore. You rise… angry, pissed, irate… whatever other words you can find in your trusty Thesaurus to describe this feeling of frustration. The workday is done, the page stays empty and I’m off to the local pub to drown my sorrows in a few shots of Jameson.

For all my writer friends out there… I’m sure this sounds vaguely familiar.

Well, I don’t know about you, but the constant trip to the pub can put a strain on the ole pocket book (Jameson shots can add up quick!), so I decided that instead of leaving my computer in frustration, I would instead sit there and force myself to write. Write whatever came to mind, even if it wasn’t what I was supposed to be writing at the time… and in doing that, an on-going short film script series was born.

Created out of my hate for writer’s block, I bring you ZOMBIE FIESTA, a perpetual script series chronicling a group of survivors fighting to stay alive in a world overrun by the undead.

Currently available on Amazon for the Kindle, ZOMBIE FIESTA: VOLUME I is up and ready to be read. This first volume contains the first two short film scripts written in the series: “Zombie Fiesta: Day Zero” and “Zombie Fiesta 2: Cruise Control”.

Stay tuned for more Zombie Fiesta volumes as I personally continue to battle the endless rotation of writer’s block. Part 3 of the series is already in the works… “Zombie Fiesta 3: The Doppelganger Prophecy”!

Jacob Cooney Releases Zombie Fiesta: Volume I eBook

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