Project Yellow Sphere to Drop This Weekend

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What the hell is Project Yellow Sphere, you may be asking yourself. Damned if we know. But we do have a brief trailer and the link to a website that says all the info will be released on April 1st, 2012.

So what can we do? We’ll wait for Sunday to see what kind of government-induced nastiness will be inflicted in Project Yellow Sphere, what we are assuming is a short film from Xombie creator, animator and director James Farr. But we can’t be too sure about anything these days.

We suggest you keep an ear to the ground and visit the official Project Yellow Sphere website, “like” the Project Yellow Sphere Facebook page, and, by all means, follow Project Yellow Sphere on Twitter (@theyellowsphere).

Trailer Synopsis
A recent report featuring leaked footage from the Nevada-based MAZE compound, home of the mysterious Project Yellow Sphere. Find out the truth this weekend.

Project Yellow Sphere to Drop This Weekend

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