H2 Myers Figure Stalks Your Ankles

Mezco's Cinema of Fear is the new reigning champion of blood, guts, and plastic, bringing little horrors to fans across the world. This 7-inch series of figures adds new pieces in the scale collectors have come to love but approaches the classic baddies in ways we've never seen before. Now, the Mez takes on Rob Zombie's H2!

We showed you how utterly creepy can be undeniably adorable with their Living Dead Doll H2 Myers. Now we get to show off the new Cinema of Fear H2 Michael Myers action figure! So far, we only know the shape comes in his signature jumpsuit and wields a bloody knife, but we'd bet cash money he'll also come with an alternate head wearing the torn apart mask horror-philes have been dissecting ever since the trailer hit the interwebs. Look for him on the pegs this October, and watch our San Diego Comic-Con coverage for live pictures of all Mezco's horrors!

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H2 Myers Figure Stalks Your Ankles

- Nomad

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moderator Wow. We've been plagiarized
Steve Barton's picture

Wow. We've been plagiarized by Rob Zombie.


He even used the above watermarked photo. I'm astounded.

Submitted by Steve Barton on Tue, 06/09/2009 - 6:55pm.

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