Cam Gigandet Kicks Ass for the Lord in Priest

Cam Gigandet Kicks Ass for the Lord in PriestHorror westerns seem to be an oddly hot commodity these days what with quality flicks like The Burrowers already out and Jonah Hex on the way. Another unlikely horror commodity is Cam Gigandet, who has just signed on to star opposite Paul Bettany in the live action adaptation of Tokyo Pop's horror western comic book Priest.

Priest is set in a world ravaged by centuries of war between man and vampires and follows a warrior priest (Bettany) who turns against the church to track down a murderous band of vampires who have kidnapped his niece.

THR broke the news that Gigandet will play a young wasteland sheriff who is part vampire. He partners with Bettany to save the girl he loves -- the aforementioned niece. No word yet on who will be playing said object of toothy affection. Vampires, man. They're doing everything for love nowadays. Sigh.

- Uncle Creepy

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nonserviam03's picture

Man, I read one of these books and it was really gruesome, had a little kid drawing satanic symbols in blood on the walls of a church, and carving out someone's heart, placing it on an altar made of severed hands.

If the movie keeps the same tone, it should be really intense.

Submitted by nonserviam03 on Mon, 06/08/2009 - 4:49am.
krawlingkhaos's picture

You know it won't. They're gonna soften it up to play for the Underworld, Twilight crowd.

Submitted by krawlingkhaos on Mon, 06/08/2009 - 9:33am.
nonserviam03's picture

Eh, you never know. Here's hoping.

Submitted by nonserviam03 on Mon, 06/08/2009 - 10:30am.

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