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Tommy Wiseau and BrainBlast Games have teamed up to bring you a great new trailer for Curio, a 2D side-scrolling horror game that tells the insane story of Ron Templeton III. If running around an asylum for the criminally insane to escape a lobotomy sounds like a good time to you, then keep on reading!

From the Press Release
Curio is a horror themed app that tells the insane story of Ron Templeton III. The game begins deep within the confines of an asylum for the criminally insane. Ron barely manages to escape a lobotomy, and now he’s on the run. Along the way Ron will come face-to-face with insane inmates, as well as having to confront his own personal demons (bonus content voice by Robert Forster). Curio is a 2D side-scrolling adventure game filled with mood altering gameplay…meaning you need to self-medicate (your character, not yourself) or else you will find yourself slipping into 8bit insanity mode.

Curio’s first update contains more than 50% more material compared to the original release which launched December 20, 2011. The chilling endless-runner is available on the iTunes® App Store for 99 cents from the mysterious folks at BrainBlast Games and now offers much more to aid players in their quest to free Ron Templeton III from the grasps of his demons, both real and imagined.

And who is more familiar with real and imaginary demons than Tommy Wiseau, writer and director of The Room? BrainBlast Games found Mr. Wiseau to be a kindred spirit in line with the unique characteristics of Curio. There’s no one out there remotely similar to Mr. Wiseau, nor is there anything in the App Store resembling Curio in the slightest bit. Players will pick up on subtle tips and tricks if they watch the commercial closely enough, just as one can pick up on the brilliant subtexts of The Room after multiple viewings at two in the morning.

The collaboration with Mr. Wiseau is in celebration of the first update to Curio, which is now iPad supported. A whole slew of fun new power-ups are now earnable in game, along with extensive Game Center functionality that allows you to see your friends’ scores as you leave them in the dust (and earn even more power-ups). You can now even save your game by “bookmarking” at any point, but you have to earn one first! Don’t forget to explore the bonus material, too. A comprehensive narrative serves to complement the game in a very engaging manner.

Game Features

  • Optimization: Optimized for iPad.
  • Book Marking System: players can now earn saves as they progress.
  • Enhanced Game Center Functionality: compete against other players for high scores (daily & all time) and earn achievements/tools.
  • New Tools, Screwdrivers and Pills: allows for strategy customization.
  • Tutorial: We listened to fans and media and created a “how to play” section to ease the game’s learning curve.
  • Easter Eggs: added many Easter eggs to the game, but they are hidden.
  • Many other minor changes and tweaks that enhance gameplay.

    For more information or to get the game, visit the Curio Apple Store.

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