Lord of Illusions Star Daniel von Bargen Survives Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound to the Head

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Lord of Illusions Star Daniel von Bargen Survives Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound to the HeadIn truly tragic news, actor Daniel von Bargen (Lord of Illusions, Super Troopers, The Silence of the Lambs, The X-Files, Thinner, “Seinfeld”) fumbled a suicide attempt and has been hospitalized.

According to the 911 phone call posted by TMZ (who else?) the character actor made from his Cincinnati home, von Bargen sustained a self-inflicted gun shot wound to the head. The 61-year-old appears discombobulated on the phone: “I was supposed to go to the hospital and I didn’t want to… they were supposed to amputate at least a few toes,” he said, adding that he is diabetic.

We wish von Bargen well and hope that he’ll have a speedy recovery.

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  • kiddcapone

    Wow. Talk about emotional outbursts. No matter what you say, someone is always offended. Except me. I can find humor in anything. It’s what I do and it keeps me sane. Hell, my daughter was born 12 weeks premature. It was the scariest time of my life. That doesn’t mean I’ll ever wig the fuck out if someone makes a preemie baby joke or says something insensitive. One of my good friends at work died last week at age 48. Even though I’m still sad, we still made a joke or two about stealing things off her desk she doesn’t need anymore.

    It’s a self-cope mechanism. It’s either keep laughing or become a bitter human being overreacting to shit with strangers on the internet for typing words you don’t like.

    • Terminal

      Except there were no jokes made in the article. All there was was a writer chastising a suffering man for attempting to commit suicide. Nice try trying to trivialize this whole debacle, though.

      • Vanvance1

        Explaining a common and logical coping mechanism is not trivializing anything.

      • kiddcapone

        It is trivial, that’s the whole point. Just because something someone says bothers you or someone else, doesn’t mean everyone else gives a shit or takes it as serious. I didn’t read the original article before it was changed, but if I had, it wouldn’t have affected me in the least. And if it was something else that did hit closer to home, I STILL wouldn’t have complained on a horror movie site that Creepy was insenstive and hurt my feelings. No one should apologize for speaking their mind.

        I work for the Department of Defense and they make us suffer through suicide training every year. At the end of the class, everyone has a different opinions on the matter. Some view them as strong, others weak, that’s why we’re all different. The way I see it, sometimes the world is better off without some people. If I was friends with Timothy McVeigh and I talked him out of suicide and he finally snapped and killed everyone in Oklahoma City, I’d feel horrible. If someone wants to check out early, be my guest, and if they want to deal with all life’s problems like the rest of us, that’s great too, either way, I have own life to lead.

  • James Coker

    and im sorry for pissing on you DeTuinman, was just defending someone you messed up and went through hell himself, and to find out you went through that same hell yourself too, I apologize, GROUP HUG

    • DeTuinman

      It’s ok…sticking up for each other is a good thing.
      I should not have called you fag, that was very childish.

      Commencing virtual hug in…1…2…3

      • James Coker

        commencing virtual hug back in…1…2…3

        I feel like there should ominous music that you hear in family comedy shows that goes a very soft “la la la” right now hahaha

  • James Coker

    alot of people? where creepy? from the looks of it you only offended one guy? but if you truly feel sorry for what you said, its okay to apologize, I forgive you, even though I wasn’t offended what so ever hahaha

    • Uncle Creepy

      There were a bunch of people on Facebook who had some choice words for me, and they were right.

  • James Coker

    Uncle Creepy, I don’t think DeTuinman will accept your apology : ( but you know what thats fine, if a member on this site does not choose to accept an apology from someone who has experienced such a personal and traumatizing tragedy first hand, then thats one less childish and ignorant Asshole on this site ( im not pointing fingers at anybody else, I actually like Terminal and Kidcappone) there is still many people(myself included) that love this site and will continue to go one it and many people that still like you alot for you just being you Uncle Creepy, myself included (no homo)
    try not to let this guy get the best of you Uncle Creepy, and I’m sorry for your loss

    • Uncle Creepy

      Thanks James, I appreciate that, but the bottom line is I said something that offended a lot of people and that was wrong. People come here for news and by writing what I did I let them down. I let my personal demons goad me into a knee jerk reaction and for that I am sorry.

    • DeTuinman

      ” I don’t think DeTuinman will accept your apology : ( but you know what thats fine, if a member on this site does not choose to accept an apology from someone who has experienced such a personal and traumatizing tragedy first hand, then thats one less childish and ignorant Asshole on this site.”

      If you have something to say to me reply to my post, don’t be a fag…

      • Jon Condit

        Guys I think both of you’re hearts are in the right place. Let’s not let further poor choices of words dragging this story down even more 🙁

        I don’t want to turn this into a flame war. This story is about a tragedy narrowly averted. UC may have misspoken but it was done from a place of strong emotional trauma. Not from a place of ill or offensive intention.

        As a genre, as film lovers in general, we lose far too many talented actors. Far too often for that matter. And for those of us who have lost loved ones to suicide (myself included) the subject can be extremely polarizing with thoughts and emotions running the gamut.

  • DeTuinman

    “In truly tragic and infuriating news”
    Infuriating….?I’d like you to explain what you are infuriated about.

    “Though we wish von Bargen well and hope that he’ll have a speedy recovery, we find it hard to elicit much sympathy for the man after trying to take his own life.”

    You are aware that von Bergen has been fighting a long battle against diabetes for years, which cost him his career, personal life and one of his leg’s was amputated….he was due to have his toes removed from his remaining leg.

    So you guy’s at “Righteous Central” can’t elicit any empathy for a man who’s life started breaking apart years ago….I’d like to see you say that to the man’s face.

    This is the last time I’ll visit this site and I’ll be sure to inform peeps I know personally, facebook, twitter, etc…to avoid this anal cavity of a website.

    You fucked up….big time

    • DeTuinman


      I want my account to be removed….

      • Uncle Creepy

        First off I’m deeply sorry that you took offense to what I wrote. I am sorry. I wasn’t trying to be insensitive at all. It’s just that I lost my own father to suicide after a long bout of sickness and struggling. As a result I have come to realize no matter what the circumstances,… in my opinion… suicide elicits the worst kind of suffering. Life gets bad sometimes. Life gets hellish sometimes. Unbearable even. I just think it’s a shame for anyone to throw in the towel as you’re essentially giving up on yourself and everyone around you who loves and supports you. The reprecussions of the act of suicide reverberate long after the person who did it is gone and that can cause an awful lot of pain that never truly goes away. Sorry again if you felt like I was speaking out of turn. I’ll edit the story accordingly. I was NOT speaking for the whole site at all, only myself. Suicide is just a very personal issue for me, but it was wrong of me to reflect that in my writing. I let my own demons get the best of me and that’s not fair to anyone. I do apologize.

        • DeTuinman

          You are not the only one who has lost family/friends through suicide…
          Lost 2 friends and almost lost my brother, and the only selfish people I saw was myself for failing to see 2 of my friends suffering, looking back it was pretty transparent but I was too “busy” living my life.

          With my brother I saw it coming and was able with help from family and friends to get him out of that mental hell.

          Knowing that you lost someone you loved to suicide and STILL post such a heartless comment baffles me even more…imagine someone close to von Bargen reading that.
          Imagine someone writing that about your father.

          Instead of being bitter…extend a hand and support people who are going through what you lived, you might even help yourself.

          • DeTuinman

            And yeah…I wrote my first comment out of anger, so pot, kettle…
            Don’t delete my account just yet….now give me a hug, you angry bastard.

          • Uncle Creepy


          • PelusaMG

            Best end of an argument ever! 🙂

          • Uncle Creepy

            I hear you, man. And I agree 100%. I didn’t handle this story correctly and I’m not trying to defend anything I wrote. Right or wrong for me …the pain, the anxiety, and the sorrow turns immediately to anger. The anger stems from trying so hard to help my dad turn things around for himself. He had everything to live for … another son about to get ready to graduate from college, several beautiful grandchildren who adored him and more friends than any one person should. Still he gave up on everything. I went through a year of taking him back and forth to a myriad of doctors. He was withering away and no one knew why. We went through the whole cancer scare thing, he as checked for everything and he was healthy but rapidly losing weight. It got to the point that he’d start hallucinating. Talking to people who weren’t there. Yet NOBODY could find out what was wrong with him. The last night as the ambulance was taking him away I went to go pack him an overnight bag and behind his clothes all the way in the back of his drawers and even behind his drawers I found tons and tons of food. He had just stopped eating. All the food I cooked for him. All the everything … it was all there. My mom had died a few years prior to all this when I was 17. My dad was a raging alcoholic and he blamed himself for everything that happened to her. It was when I found all of that food that I had the realization that he had starved himself to death. The one thing NO ONE would have thought of. Tens of thousands of dollars built up over the years for nothing. Because he had decided he just didn’t want to live. We lost everything. The house you name it. I watched him dying … watched him killing himself … every day. Those scars run deep with me, and while that’s no excuse for what I had written, I truly hope it gives you a little bit of insight as to why I let a knee-jerk reaction get in the way of how I do my job. It’ll never happen again.

          • Vanvance1

            This is without a doubt the most in depth, honest and open apology I’ve ever read online.

          • Uncle Creepy

            I am me, man. Blemishes and all. I’m proud of each of my scars. I wear them as reminders of how life doesn’t have to be.

          • DeTuinman

            Nobody should go through an experience like that and deal with the scars that they leave behind.
            I get where you’r coming from, one of my friends also left a giant mess behind, due to his coke addiction….wife and kid without cash.

            Because my brother went through years of mental pain before I started noticing, I have become very defensive about people judging suicide.
            Hence pissed of comment.

            I think in your shoes , my first reaction would be the same.
            Thanx for telling me your side…be well.

          • Uncle Creepy

            Thank YOU for understanding. Now let’s talk about horror movies! I’m fucking depressed! lol

          • Jon Condit

            I think there is a lot of insight and wisdom in what you said here.

            Like I said above for those of us who have lost people close to us to suicide the topic is extremely divisive. Some people feel it is incredibly sad and heartbreaking, some people think it is incredibly selfish. If there is one constant when it comes to the topic of suicide is that there is little common ground.

            Dealing with suicide is a very personal thing. One person’s outlook and experience can hardly be ascribed to another’s. One person’s healing process and grief may not be the same as another’s. But much like anything that hits so close to home it is easy to lose site of that fact when faced with your own personal feelings on the matter.

            Your own confusion over how someone could take such a stance is much the same as his strong feelings on the matter. Both of you have very passionate and very opposite outlooks on the subject.

            And that will always be the case. No one will ever come to an agreement on what suicide means or is to every person. Because frankly it is something we all handle and cope with radically differently. We can no more understand or judge someones feelings about suicide than we can rightly understand or judge someone for making that decision to commit it.

        • Terminal

          Creepy, I came in to this long after you edited your news story and was trying to figure out what happened here, and now that I’ve seen what you’ve written, I have to admit I’m very fucking offended.

          Beating a dead horse?


          You know what? I’ve lost family members to suicide, and you know what? I suffer from a severe mental illness as well, and I’m deeply offended and taken aback at your comments about suicide.

          Suicide is not about giving up, suicide is not about weakness, suicide is not about selfishness, suicide is about a person whose lost all options and can take it no longer.

          As a person whose researched mental illness and experienced it myself, I am stunned beyond belief at your personal view of suicide as something that deserves no sympathy. I’m not going to divulge my full mental history to everyone here as it would be easy fodder for those seeking to strike at me.

          But try walking a mile in someone else’s shoes man. Try it. Life gets hard? That’s a severe misunderstanding of the means of suicide and the reasoning for attempting suicide. Life gets hard? No, a person who is attempting or planning to commit suicide is pushed in to a corner with no escape and no one to reach out to help them and they can think of no other release but to take their own lives.


          It’s a sickness that deserves sympathy and understanding and common ground. Writing someone off because they attempted or committed suicide is reprehensible.

          If you ever want to know my full mental history someday, email me (rpgforms@yahoo.com) and I’ll lay down my twenty eight years of unmitigated mental suffering including my own repeated plans to attempt suicide and we’ll reach a common ground about this issue. Suffice it to say I’m not someone who gets a little down every two years for a day and calls myself depressed. Far from it, sir.

          My family never turned their backs on me. They reached out and reached out and reached out and I never followed through on the fucking plans.

          You have no idea what it’s like to be pushed in to a corner by life to the point where suicide is considered a sweet release from suffering. It’s painful. It’s horrible. It’s so goddamn excruciating.

          As I said, you’ve apologized but as someone whose spent twenty eight years suffering from a severe mental illness, researched mental illness, and spent time around a large family with decades worth of mental illness, an apology isn’t enough.

          Sometimes saying “I’m sorry” isn’t enough.

          I hope someday you can understand what people who attempt or plan suicide go through. You lost a father to suicide and yet you still view it as selfish. No, suicide isn’t selfish, it requires strength.

          Yes, I said strength. There is nothing more willful than taking your own life. And yes you leave behind a legacy or mourners and sufferers, but the person suffering from depression feels as if they simply have no one to reach out to.

          I was lucky that I have a support system of family, friends, and confidants who spent years keeping me from throwing myself out of a fucking window. My mom and dad never ONCE turned their backs on me, and I don’t intend to turn my backs on them.

          I’m frankly appalled, right now. Depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and even suicide are horrible afflictions that deserve sympathy, understanding, and nurturing, not cold shoulders.

          I know I’m not the most well liked individual on this website, but I’m a sufferer of a mental illness so my comments are just as valuable as anyone elses. You and your friends can rationalize and make exceptions your comments all you want, and seriously I have even less respect for anyone who comes to the board with comments like “His article wasn’t THAT bad!” or “You’re overreacting.”

          Take your smarmy, self-satisfied ass somewhere else with that.

          But to Creepy and only Creepy, I challenge you to be a man to own up to your mistakes instead of trying to make excuses for them.

          Maybe then you’ll have earned back my respect.

          Good day.

          And to those people who will likely respond to my comment with something smug, condescending, or sarcastic, go fuck yourselves. I have no use for you in my life.

          • PelusaMG

            “I know I’m not the most well liked individual on this website, but I’m a sufferer of a mental illness so my comments are just as valuable as anyone else’s.”

            “But to Creepy and only Creepy, I challenge you to be a man to own up to your mistakes instead of trying to make excuses for them.”

            Whilst I have great sympathy for you T, we are all a product of other circumstances… you, me, Creepy – everyone!

            I hope you find the next twenty eight years to be better than these you have lived. No-one should have to suffer the way you described!

          • Terminal

            That does not account for pure utter ignorance toward a topic like suicide. Jon Condit is right, it is a divisive topic. People who view suicide as sad and sympathetic know what a crucial affliction mental illness can be. People who view suicide as selfish and worthy of apathy are those who are of pure ignorance. There’s no other way around it.

            And frankly it’s irresponsible to minimize the issue at hand. People should be responsible for their words.

            Thanks for the sentiment.

          • Uncle Creepy

            I get where you’re coming from Terminal, I really do, but I didn’t just say “sorry” and move on. I explained fully just where I was coming from and posted some deeply personal things about myself that I rarely share with anyone. I cannot help how something makes me feel but I do own up to anything I do when I say something that is wrong. The things I’ve been through gives me no right to judge others nor was I trying to. It was a knee jerk reaction and an instance of my personal demons interfering with my work. I do not know what else I could possibly do to own up to things any further.

    • James Coker

      accept creepy’s apology DeTuinman

      • Uncle Creepy

        Dude, really. He was right I was wrong. There’s no need for either of you to get into a pissing match. This one is one me. I own it.